Icon for device

Is there a way I can change the icon for a device in the device code? I have a contact and I want it to change when the state changes. Can I make it something of my own?

Are you refering to an icon on the Dashboard ?
If so then currently not as far as I'm aware BUT and updated Dashboard is coming :slight_smile:

Yes for the dashboard. Is there a list of the new features coming ?


There is not a list of new features coming, but I have heard there are many new features in the new version. I would be surprised if custom icons are not included. No one knows when the new version of the dashboard is going to come out, but if I was a betting man, I would guess within the next three weeks.

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Depends on how beta goes. But this could be a huge feature. :slight_smile:


I'm happy to beta test for you guys, from down here in Aus :slight_smile:

Sounds exciting ... Could be a big for Hubitat to get good looking and functional dashboards that work off the hub directly.

I am anxious to see what comes along. Having it local is a huge thing for me. I tried HousePanel and it just didn't do it for my purposes.

am waiting for the dashboard to evolve could be great!

Is it time to start speculating about a release date?

Are we there yet?