iBlinds Not reporting States

I got my iblinds installed in our bedroom. They seemed to pair without issue but when setting up some automations I noticed that the Current states are not updating. They're Hubitat is always saying position: 0 & windowShade: opening. They work fine if I send a command. Attached are the Z-wave details. there is a repeater and a scene controller in the same room. I am really hoping hat I don't have to exclude and reinclude.

I would consider using the Basic Z-Wave Tool to ensure parameter 3 (size 1) is set to 1. Hubitat's driver probably does this on pairing, and if there's a "Configure" button, hitting that might retry, or if not maybe "Save Preferences." But it's worth a try. "Rebooting" the blinds probably can't hurt, either (battery off then on, or 5 presses of CLBR).

I can expand if you aren't familiar with the Basic Z-Wave Tool, but that's probably the easiest way to check if this parameter is correct. It needs to be sett this way for the blinds to report their status back in real time, which they disabled by default for some reason (and which their v2 units didn't do at all; I assume you have v3?).

Note that iBlinds' own driver (the one linked to above) just sets the state on Hubitat immediately after you issue a command. It does not wait to hear back from the device. Thus, it might get "updated" but not actually reflect the device state. Both Hubitat's built-in driver and the one I wrote only update when the device is heard back from (this is how most drivers work). It's possible the device isn't sending reports back on its own for some reason, which the ideas above were intended to help with.

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EDIT: Oops - Robert beat me to it. :slight_smile:

I believe that @bertabcd1234 has said that the iBlinds driver from the manuf may not report state properly...IRRC for example, if you send a close command the driver assumes the blind is closed and sets status on the device page to closed regardless of whether the blind actually closed. If the blind is working properly that's not an issue, obviously, but if it's acting up and not opening or closing you won't get the correct status reported.

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Mine reported accurately from the beginning, but when I removed and re-added the blinds (I decided to move them to my 2nd hub for unrelated reasons). A bit of a PITA to remove/re-add as you have to update any automations using them, but nice to have them all reporting normally again.

I’ll try this when I get home today.

If you want to try Robert's driver - it's here. It's an excellent driver...and exposes useful settings.

I had already switched to the community driver and do prefer it.

I also used the basic Z-wave tool and ran get parameter report on parameter 3 and everything looks okay to me.

  dev:7832021-12-07 12:24:30.220 pm infoConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:3, size:1, value:1
  dev:7832021-12-07 12:24:27.904 pm traceconfigurationGet command(s) sent...

I'll try rebooting when I get home. Any other thoughts?

In terms of rebooting, two options:

  • Hub
  • Blinds

Not sure which is best to try first. Hub is easy to reboot so I'd star there. I'd turn it off and then remove power at the wall, wait 30s, and plug it in again.

To reboot the blinds I believe the only options are to use the buttons on the motor (the ones directly on the motor, not the exposed charger button) or turn the blinds battery inside the head rail off and then on again, or disconnect/reconnect it.

These blinds never seemed to properly pair with the hub. I've excluded them from the Z-wave network and am going to give it the weekend to settle down.

I am wondering If it would be better to take them close to the hub for repairing or if I should repair in place? thoughts?

I've been dragging my foot to pair mine again since I think the last time I had an issue with it I had to use one of my long ethernet cable to move the hub close to the blind for pairing.

I've got it down out of the mounts so I can take it to the hub....

Wow, less than an hour that they have been excluded and the network is much faster and no route changes.

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Must have been some issues w/their connection bogging things down.

I've always tried to pair mine in place, or at least as near their intended place so that they start out w/the "normal" routing they are going to have to use to connect. In some cases I've moved the blinds closer to the hub, but always kept them at least in the same room where they were going to connect from.

You might need to have a repeater between the blinds and the hub if your issues persist.

There are 4 repeating devices within 10’.

It’s almost like the pairing process was only partial or something. They never reported battery status, state etc.. correctly

This is a metal head rail which I know will impede the signal. Anyone have these reliably working with a metal head rail?

I have four blinds as well. Vintage 1960's with metal head rails. All are working okay.

Thanks for the data point.

One additional piece of information. All four are paired with S2 security and I am using the "iBlinds v3 (Community Driver)"

All of mine are in pretty heavy duty metal headrails. The blinds are pretty old got them back in 2005. Mine are all paired with no security. On a C7.

Often, iBlinds seem as if they are sleeping and do not respond to z-wave commands open/close. For this reason, I have an app that will run for two minutes to make sure the blinds respond properly. For example, I use a virtual switch, like "Blinds Kitchen", to open and close my blinds. "Blind Motor Kitchen" is the actual iBlinds device. I have an app for all four iBlinds that are installed. These iBlinds are the only z-wave devices on my network that do not operate reliably and require an app like this. Not ideal, but it works.

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