iBlinds 12/2022

My iBlinds are misbehaving again. As usual, I changed nothing. Yesterday they all opened exactly as instructed. Today, two did not. They are not even responding properly to button push on the blind. Blind 4 has a missing Zwave path for no reason. I'm thinking of moving Hubitat near the blinds and reinstalling with S2 security to get the reporting function. Unfortunately, my Zooz Zwave stick isn't finding the hub from my PC (five feet away). Here I go again. :neutral_face: @danabw @bertabcd1234

IRRC someone else was having problems joining a UZB stick (Zooz?) to their hub since the Z-Wave FW update. @erktrek may remember that conversation.

I haven't had any fall off like that (louse routing info and not respond) in a while, the recent FLIRs update (was in 2.3.3, I believe) seems to have helped w/that. I do have one (farthest from my hub) that sometimes doesn't open in the am but always responds when I command it from a button.

I would do a shut down/pull power as my first intervention, if you haven't tried that yet.

Mmm.... not off the top of my head but if I find it will post.

See if you can remove your blinds from HE entirely - You might have to power off your blinds and do the removal from the Z-Wave Settings page.

IF you can do that then maybe do the hub power off thing. Before adding the blinds back in first see if the Zooz stick shows up as a ghost, if so try and remove it (make sure it is not powered on) via Z-Wave settings then add it back in. If you can get it added then try adding in the blinds.


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And if you're going to remove it, do a swap apps replace of the actual blind w/a virtual blind first. That way you can swap the real blind back in when you re-join it to your hub. You can also do a replace, but swap apps is 100% reliable and I have found the Replace option from the Z-Wave Details page just sometimes just doesn't want to work.

Shoot - where did I see this discussed...

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I find that mine drop off from time to time for no reason.
I usually just have to hit the Config button and they come back but then it seems to be a real pain to get them to calibrate again. I hold the button for 10 seconds and hit Open or Close (IIRC from forums) but I have to do it many time and get it just right.
I have the old V2 version so I think that they were still a work in progress.

Likewise. I have three v2 blinds and two (the furthest from the hub) are fine. One has dropped off and won't come back.

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