I wish it was under my control

The device buttons, both commands as well as preferences - only seem to display in alphabetic order.
It would be useful to me to have the ability to group them, add html (and css) to the button and control the order they layout.

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As we used to say in the old days: "This thread is worthless without pictures."

A screenshot of what you are talking about or a mockup of what you propose would be helpful.


Iā€™m similarly confused re: what exactly is being requested here, given the paucity of details.


I assume you want to be able to style and adjust the layout of commands and preferences on the device page?

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The device detail page in general could use a lot of improvement, in my opinion.

There should be collapsible areas to hide seldom used commands (but still have them defined), and the ability to sort commands and parameters.

Not sure I see a point in being able to customize the button via html/css/xml itself though. But that's just me. Although now that I think about it, being able to change button color, font, and size might be cool.

This is probably a pretty low priority for the development team though, in favor of new features and bug fixes. For me it is definitely a nice to have, not a have to have.


I'm expecting the same, that the device page be a rarely used part of the UI, with more focus on using apps where possible. But still would be nice to get a few tweaks.

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I wanted the same when I was learning, so I placed devices into groups by naming them with a letter in front of the desired name. click and drag would be rad but no options for that. once i had it set up, the dashboard made more sense for grouping. good luck!

Agree. Although as more home controllers come to market with slick interfaces I think the team will have to address the overall UI at some point to round out the package.


I see it the other way. For many people, the existing dashboard works fine. I use them more for quick troubleshooting rather than control (that is what automations are for, after all). And since there are many alternatives, I can't see them spending the time to change the current design. I wouldn't mind you, of course, but not something I particularly care about.

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Not disagreeing with you there. Like you the dashboard is a quick overview of my system rather than a control interface in its own right. I rely mostly on a nest hub on my desk showing the video feeds and critical switches and weather map.

Was really thinking more of the overall UI.

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