I want to use non-ecobee sensor with ecobee thermostat

I didn't find anything on this, although I may not be using the right search terms. I would like to use temperature sensors or multiple function sensors that detect temperature in my HE system. I'd like them to work in conjunction with my ecobee 3-lite thermostat. The ecobee product has gotten terribly expensive, and I am led to understand they are not exactly great.

I am open to suggestions. I prefer the Zigbee protocol if possible. Thanks!

@fgrizzly Yes, they are terribly expensive ($99-ish for 2) WHEN they're available anywhere. HD and Lowes GENERALLY have them in stock - even though they say they don't. Just check the electronics cages at the front of the stores.

IF what you want is to incorporate those temp readings into Ecobee's logic, you're out of luck. IF what you want is to change the Ecobee temp on thermostat automatically based on your own logic averaging temperatures of external devices, yes, you can do that. BUT you have to disable all of Ecobee's "smarts" to keep it working (I tried it, I know).

Personally my time is worth more than $99 for two rooms. Especially with the ingenious "follow me" logic Ecobee has worked into their systems...and the humidity sensing turning on the A/C to get rid of humidity even when the house is cool enough. In FL that is worth it's weight in GOLD! Especially considering my Ecobee reduced my power bill here from $270 to $111 JUST by adding 4 more sensors to my system. Temps outside the same, Ecobee was just able to get more information about my house. Just make sure you get the new "Smart Sensor 2" and not the "Room Sensor 2". The Smart Sensor 2's have WAY better battery life and faster communication.

Though this is just my two cents.


You can aggregate multiple temp sensors with Thermostat Controller (settings>>apps>>add built in app and pick Thermostat controller)

This will allow you to use any temp sensor with any thermostat...

I sorta-kinda figured I might be best off with the ecobee sensors, but just wondered. Lowe's still lists them at $79 for two, but no stock. I'll be running errands tomorrow, and will see if either of my two handy Lowe's have them. Home Despot as well. Both give 10% military / served / retiree discounts.

@fgrizzly Just remember, go to the cage in front EVEN IF the store says they're out of stock. HD's cases make it hard to see, but Lowe's cases are see-through. Don't trust inventory levels at either store to know if they have them. WORST case, amazon does have them. I just checked. They're a bit more expensive, but they have them. Won't be delivered until July 10th-ish but better than nothing.


@rlithgow1 The only problem with that is that it takes away the smarts from the thermostat for regulating things like humidity level and "run fan for x minutes each hour" which he'd have to remember to integrate into rules. NOT a big issue, but an issue nonetheless. Also, $79-$99 isn't bad for a 2 pack you can integrate into Ecobee w/o hassle AND also use for your other HA needs inside Hubitat with the Ecobee Built-in app. I use the temps and movement sensors for many things. Updates only every 5 minutes, but for "at home" presence and temp I don't really need more.

I use a Honeywell T6 Pro. Honestly for myself I can tweak thermostat stuff much better without the smart crap (gads how I hated nest)

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We agree then. We both hate Nest! :man_shrugging:

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Ah-hah! So! One CAN use their sensors for other automation tasks; I wondered. I'll stick with the "home team" product then.

Have fun with the sensors. I use them for occupancy but they aren't instant on/off. My automation is for when the room has been unoccupied I reset the scene back to it's default for that time of days and illuminance. Also I have zoned my 7 sensors for upstairs and downstairs using the zone motion controller apps. After a period of time if the downstairs is unoccupied and time of day is between sleeping hours the house goes to sleep. What makes this all possible is that the Ecobee Suite which eposes most of the sensors and thermostat data.

I use the sensors for occupancy, not for motion, so yes, they're fine for me.

Here's what they look like (yes, I'm spoiled: I have 12 of them!)
So, you can use occupancy, temp, etc for other tasks.

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I hope you got them when they are on sale. I got most of mine for $60/pair about 3 years back when Ecobee had some type of sale.

If that was Smart Sensor 2's and not Room Sensor 2's which were ~3 years ago. Smart Sensor 2's where brand new then - so I don't know.