I want to use illuminance as the trigger in Simple Lighting


Thinking about jumping from SmartThings.

I want to know if I can use illuminance as the trigger for my lights in Simple Lighting (I won't be using motion in my automation).

I've looked at the tutorials and cannot see the option of using illuminance as the trigger (it only seems to be available as a restriction).

I want to replicate my ST automation and switch lights on at one lux level (80Lux) and off at a higher lux level (250Lux) using an Aeotec multisensor 6 pointing out of a window. Another automation will turn lights off at a specific time at night.

Obviously this can be done in Rule Machine, but I was hoping to keep things simple.


Illuminance can be used as a trigger but you will need separate rules for the different levels.

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You should be able to do this in Event Engine pretty easily...it's a community app that provides more complex automations than HE provided apps like Simple Automations, Motion Lighting, and Notifications.

Event Engine has AND and OR processing of conditions (e.g., all conditions met, or any one of several), and can reverse actions when the triggering condition or conditions are no longer true. You'll see below that Illuminance is a supported condition/trigger. The developer is very active and responsive.

Currently supported conditions and supported Day/Time constraints you can use.

2020-10-26 09_26_47-Event Engine Cog 2020-10-26 09_29_06-Event Engine Cog

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here is my illuminance rule for a hue outdoor motion at the front door of a house..

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