I want to disable a Zooz Zen17 relay for a specific time period

I set up a Keep Fill system for my Koi Pond using a Zen17 relay, a float switch and a sprinkler system valve. It works great except now that I have the float switch installed, I find it is to sensitive. Little waves will cause the valve to trigger on and off very quickly. I would like to either limit the times that it can be triggered or require it to run at least 10 minutes and then off for at least 10 minutes. Or possibly force it to run for an additional 10 minutes after the float switch is closed. In thinking about it as I'm typing, what I am really wanting to do is decouple the input from the output and handle the functionality programmatically. But, I don't think that is possible using input 1 for relay 1. I am thinking the easiest thing do to is to use input 1 and relay 2. When the Hubitat senses relay 1 being triggered, it can run the rule to trigger relay 2 which will run the valve.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


You should be able to easily decouple the sensors from the relays and then use rule machine to handle the time restrictions and all your required triggers and actions. You can easily say if this sensor closes and its during a specific time of day then have it trigger the relay, all else do nothing.

I'm thinking I need to download and update firmware, because I don't see any way to do that in the version that I have.

Interesting. I hadn't tried changing the sensor type for the input. When I changed it to contact sensor, it created a new child device. Thanks for letting me know it should work. Made me dig around a bit more.


If you need any other assistance just let me know and I can try to help. I have a couple of those setup for 2 different purposes (garage door and dual leak detection). I wasn't sure how much experience you had so I kept it simple.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction. I think I was able to cover just about all of my wants in one rule in rule machine. Learning as I go.

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