I think my Zigbee is hosed

Last night I pressed the Sonoff button that turns off the 4 living room lights, closes the 4 IKEA shades and turns off some other lights. Nothing happened. I pressed the button again. Nothing. Went into the device and see that I did in fact press the button and pressed it again about 10 seconds later. I was tired so I turned the 4 lights off at the lamp switches.
This morning I turned the 4 lamp switches back on, waited a few minutes and pressed the button. All 4 lights turned off but the shades did not respond. Paired the non-responsive shades and Hubitat recognized the shades, but they do not respond to commands from the app. There is a Tuya USB repeater in the same room as the hub, and everything has been responding correctly up until about a month ago.
In another room, 2 of the 3 IKEA shades drop out and work again once re-paired. The King of Fans ceiling fan in that room also has to be re-paired every few months. The King of Fans in the Gazebo has been offline for a month. The remote works fine.

Everything Z-Wave is behaving. Only Zigbee stuff is hit and miss.

I have rebooted the hub several times.

Here is a Zigbee graph. Notice none of the 12 IKEA shades are recognized.

Where should I start looking?

Which hub, C7 or C8?

The Zigbee graph builds over time, it takes a while for it to fill in w/your devices, and you might not see all of them in it.

Have you shut down your hub (as opposed to reboot)? If not, try shutting it down, remove power, wait a minute or two, then plug in again and let it boot up.

What device is Kitchen Light 1 and 2? Is it a Zigbee bulb or a Zigbee switch/dimmer?

I don’t have IKEA shades, but I can recall some comments that these don’t work well if not connected to the hub via IKEA repeaters. Did every shade came with a repeater?

I have five IKEA shades and don't believe that's an issue. I used the shades for a couple months before I decided to plug in a couple repeaters just for general repeating use.

Each shade comes with a repeater, but for simplicity, I recommend folks put the repeater aside if they've already got a Zigbee device in the room with the shades.

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These controllers are well-known problematic. Recently I lost two of them almost simultaneously without any apparent reason. Re-pairing don't fix the issue and I replaced them with Sonoff iFan04 (integration with HE requires HA).

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Everything is coming back since the hub was powered down for a few minutes.

I don’t remember the last time that was done.

Almost bought a C8.

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Glad to hear it. Shut down/wait/restart is useful in situations where the radio may have a hiccup. Also helps w/Z-Wave when devices may briefly disappear after a FW update.

Won't hurt, and can help to give the shut-down dance a chance when things are acting wonky. :slight_smile:


Still have a few Zigbee devices that aren’t pairing. One IKEA shade keeps reporting 0 battery even with a known good battery, the double finger reset/rediscover and limit setting. Yet I am trudging onward.