I think I have a motion sensor obsession

This is on top of the 9 I already have setup

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What are they? And why do you have so many? I'm hoping there is a super complicated, highly technical reason for having so many motion sensors....I'd also be happy with a "just because I can"...

Are they Iris v3 motion sensors?

They're showing as unavilable on Amazon.co.uk so I now know where they have gone :slight_smile:


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Looks like 10 Iris v2 sensors to me (I have a lot...I can recognize them from any angle :laughing: ). It's almost impossible to have too many motion sensors. Once you add more than one per room to capture different angles, it becomes apparent how nice it is not to have to wave your arms around every once in a while to keep the lights on (a longer "timeout" in your motion-lighting app could also help, but I like keeping mine short).

If you've done that and still have some leftover, you can experiment with other applications, like heat-shrink tubing around the lens to make it effectively a curtain sensor, which may be useful for hallways or stairways. Cheap sensors are often a good alternative to "outdoor" sensors too since there's less concern if they break, though given how much I love Iris v2 sensors and the fact that they're discontinued, I'm not sure I'd risk that at any price.

Hope you have fun with whatever you have (or don't have) plans for!


They are the iris V2 sensor well done @bertabcd1234 . They are not readily available anymore. I bought some from the states and someone in the UK was selling theirs on eBay so I snapped them up knowing I'd use them one day.

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One night, I had ~20 of them on my desk, paired with ST to check and update firmware. My wife walked in and said,"Oh how cute! We've graduated from toy soldiers and moved on to motion sensors."


I think they work much better when they’re not pointed directly at a wall, but YMMV :upside_down_face:.


I must share in your obsession I just got 10 more for $17.20 each. Warning high priced shipping unless you get a bunch.

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Next it'll be Cobi bricks that make WW2 Lego style models :yum:

@TechMedX you won't want to know I got 10 for £5 each

@marktheknife I am trying to sense my neighbours


Ahhh to reminisce, but the glory days of those sales are in the past my friend! $17.20<$49 :wink:

That is a "moving" photo :slight_smile:

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