I suggest that HSM be listed at the top of the apps list

The web GUI is intended to be used primarily as an admin interface.

If you need to cancel an HSM alert, you can do it with a physical button, a virtual button and a dashboard tile, a virtual switch tied to Alexa/Google Home, there’s several options here (as @bravenel stated).

I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re describing here. Were your smoke detectors alarming? Or did you have HSM alerts for smoke going off despite the actual smoke detectors not alarming?


I am not sure how you integrated your smoke alarms, but you usually have to press a button on the physical smoke alarm to silence it, kinda stuck with that requirement.

As far as needing to shut-off the lights, you can automate this. Make a list of all the lights you want to have come-on when the smoke detector goes into alarm state. Add these lights to a scene and call it something like "smoke detector scene", then create a rule that does the following:

  1. When the smoke alarm goes off, capture the current state of the scene (this captures which of your lights are on and which ones are off, just before the alarm went into alarm state).
  2. Turns on all the lights, that are associated with the scene created above.
  3. When the smoke detector stops alarming, have HE turn on the scene you created above, that puts the lights back into the state they were in immediately before your alarm went off.
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I guess I was aware all the pieces for this were in webcore (cancel HSM alerts) and I just never thought to put them together. I'm going to work on a verbal command to clear the HSM alerts, today.

or any one of several built-in apps :wink:.

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This is one time where having a keypad like the centralite 3400 is SUPER nice because you can enter a code, push the button and it all returns to normal (and you aren't risking someone else pushing the "STOP THE ALARM" button)

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I'm a ST convert and that means I came with webcore baggage. I just love it because it's so versatile and in a language I've already spent years learning. My preference is still to have webcore running all my rules🙂

I know webcore will be over for ST and it doesn't apply to HA. So if I ever leave HE, I will be forced to change.

FWIW, I've downloaded RM a 1/2 dozen times to do enough testing to make an informed decision going forward, but there's always something sexier to grab my attention.


I understand. I used WebCoRE (and rule machine) with ST, so I can see the appeal of it’s more visual style for some. It’s nice to have choices.

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Blame the smart home solver. If he hadn't opened his mouth about webcore, I never would've known about it​:laughing::rofl:

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OK, I'll take a slightly different angle from the OP's but it's from a similar vantage point. OP just wanted some easier "heads up" management of an alarm condition & correction. This morning I find myself pondering the RM rule I should build to "clean up" after an attended, or more importantly, an unattended HSM event.

I've asked in the past about having some HSM actions "self heal" over a time whereby if I'm not present or available to use the mobile app to clear HSM a siren won't keep blaring or a security light on a yard won't stay on all night after triggering. You know, a setting like a Security System might offer say after X minutes (before someone says - 'go get one', I have one).

Often the responses to this are either:

  1. don't use HSM, I write it all in RM, or
  2. create an RM "Clear HSM" to address this
  3. use Diligent Dave's Community App to do this, he's gone but it might still work

So back to the OP's post. I'll make some presumptions...that they bought their hub seeing things like HSM described with the thought - "oh, cool...here's this HSM module that consolidates [or will eventually] most of the fundamental stuff I would want to automate/view/manage/respond to address home security....with most all of what one would want to 'handle the case of an alarm'".

You see, it's unwinding the newbie presumption that's frustrating. Sure, hanging around here long enough I can now see the makings of a Clear HSM rule ....but then I have to consider how I might affect what was built into HSM (that I might not be aware of or understand the interplay of)... So in other words the user is presented with appending NOT UNCOMMON Security System features to HSM outside of HSM's control/oversight.

So there's my take on the OP's sortie which ended in just a couple of comments, probably after hearing folk (much more experienced) tell him, essentially, "get over it, or go write something more to do what you need/want". His request to list HSM at the top of the apps list is not a solution, it's a symptom of something bigger for newbies.

Again it is worth saying, what fence is being straddled when it comes to the target audience for HE and maybe it should come with a warning label to this end. I probably have some time left in seeing things this way before I give up, drink the kool-aid, and start tellin newbies...."ah get over it, use RM to get what you want" :rofl:

Addendum: And then I go read the following post this morning and wonder how many others really don't want to get "knee deep in crafting HE HA solutions" and see that approach as improving reliability! Hummm, now that's something to ponder in light of my comments above.

I don’t recall seeing anyone say “get over it.”

The assumption that one should be clicking into the hub admin interface in a web browser window to address an HSM alert is invalid. For newer users, I agree it would be great if there was a dead simple way to setup alerts and cancel them using the other means described above.

And, respectfully, I don’t think your addendum with the link to one user’s preferred combination of devices and apps in another thread is relevant.

I'm not simply discussing explicitly this OP's approach. I think I even inferred that.

And if you don't think "get over it" is an undertone in a lot of the suggested "resolutions" along these lines... then that's fine too. Quite often the verbiage used is "that's just the way HE is going to be". I think the longer yah hang around...the less it seems like a "get over it".

Lastly, the link with someone saying they avoid RM is exactly relevant. Not that RM is flawed, but I took it as an indication that the more they personally customized the more they were hung out to manage. That is NOT a "one user" perspective on this platform.

You can do anything like this by using a Rule in Rule Machine to implement the logic. RM can deal with both HSM Alerts and HSM Status. We opted for this approach to "extend" HSM functionality in ways that a specific user finds useful, rather than an approach where HSM becomes loaded with optional "features".

And I get that, I really do because I can remember having to deal with that in a past life. Just saying there may be customers coming in looking for a more cookie cutter solution. AND....maybe buyers should read this forum first to set their expectations accordingly.

You keep bringing in other threads that aren’t that relevant.

@Jost is a programmer and can make his own simple or complex apps, run other servers for whatever he wants, etc.

So his opinion on rule machine, or devices and their wireless protocols, while as valid as anyone else’s, is not typical of a newbie or user that has extremely simple needs.

Making more and more invalid assumptions isn’t helpful.

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Sure there probably are. The problem is which cookie to cut? HSM is not intended to be a feature rich security system. :sunglasses:

"Your use case is not my use case."

And that is a clear Mission Statement.

But, after a second cup of coffee, and for the sake of discussion, (and keeping in this thread so as to not have a headline topic)....

What if we were to say that there were, hummmm say.... 5 major functional areas that people looking for plug & play HA might want to address (OK, yeah...."plug & play" I choked on that line too). I won't list them, but I will suggest the list of core functionality probably isn't as long as the permutations creative people can think of.

Given the rich resource of knowledge & willing participation in this Community ....would it be a bad thing to take that input (and in many cases prototyping that they would willingly offer for adoption) and integrate it regularly so that at the end of the day...HE develops into a very rich "best in class" platform in those 5 functional areas.

It is becoming very rich for the "roll up the sleeves and build rules" buyer but I bet there are a lot of folk that are attracted to HE that don't intend to get that deep. The types that are excited if they can just get a device paired :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You can say it addresses all their needs now...but the Community Apps out there suggest otherwise.

By the way, I'm not suggesting a UL Certified Security System here.

-------- HOLD THE BUS---------
I just read this, and better understand where the singularity of your Mission is coming from. Hats off on this initiative.

Gee, that makes it worse. Let's just say it was better assuming he was avoiding RM for reasons similar to a newbie's.

Can you not create a desktop (homescreen) link to the appropriate page?

I'm not 100% sure the path would always be the same but a quick test brought me to right to a RM rule in one click.


Please close this thread and start a new one if there is more discussion necessary.



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