I need to build a better network, more stand alone

Currently have an 8 port switch, need more ports (16 should do.)
Need to be able to assign static IP's to devices.
Currently internet coming in thru hotspot(s).
Current switch is hard wired to wifi extender, extender recieves internet from hotspot.
Hoping to be able to change providers to extender without having the extender change IP range
ie. 192.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x for an example.
This really messes with HE.
And Hue
And some wifi switches...
Total 4 networks available, bonus would be able to leave internal, stand alone network same, use different provider as necessary.

Any thoughts?

You need a dhcp server/router between the hotspot and your internal network... to use the WiFi connection from the hotspot as its WAN connection. I started reading up on such a configuration a few months ago, was contemplating building my aunt her own private network in her assisted living facility. DD-WRT calls this "client mode": Client Mode - DD-WRT Wiki

This way your internal network never changes, regardless of what hotspot is used to provide the WAN

Ubiquiti UniFi is what I use these days for all my home network hardware.

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I also use UniFi - not sure if they have a product that uses wifi as wan... The goal imo is to isolate the downstream network from any potential subnet changes that would result from using a different hotspot - so at some point you have to insert a new dhcp server to hand out IP addresses and manage NAT. I guess that could be the next hop from the WiFi extender, but regardless any wifi devices need to be on the downstream SSID, not the one from the hotspot