I need three Z-wave switches to operate as a group

Hi All, I am a relatively new hubitat user after many years with smartthings. I had this working in smartthings but don't seem to be able to figure it out in hubitat. I have tried following the simple rules documentation as well as the smart lighting and neither seem to work.

I have three Honeywell Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Toggle Switchs. Each switch controls one out door light. I had a rule where when one was turned on or off all of them turned on or off from the physical switches. I can get this working as a simple rule but only if I operate it from hubitat. Switching the light on or off at the smart switch only activates that one light.

I have had zero luck with the lighting app.

If anyone can point me in the correct direction I would appreciate it.

There's probably cleverer ways to do this using z-wave association, but these two rules in Rule Machine also aught to work:

How about 3 Mirror Me setups. Mirror Me is a built in app, just need to add it to the hub. First rule says mirror A to B & C. Second rule says mirror B to A & C. Third rule says mirror C to A & B. Please note: I haven't tried this. It may work, or there may be some weird loop that gets started and blows up your hub.

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That would be my fear. Endless triggering.

I just did a quick test with 3 virtual switches, and it appears to work fine.

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If you ALWAYS want the three switches to operate as a group, you can set up a rule that says if either of the three switches turn on, that you want all three switches to turn on. You can then do the same thing with either of the switches being turned off. There might be a slight lag between the lights, but it would only be a second or two.

Since these are outdoor lights, you might want to have Hubitat control the lights based upon sunrise and sunset. I have mine come on 20 minutes after sunset and turn off 20 minutes before sunrise. That way, I never have to touch the switches.

You could also have them turn on based on sunset and then turn them off at a specific time. When I put up my Christmas lights that is how I operate them as I do not want the lights on all night.

I don't know why simple automation rules wouldn't do it. I have one switch turning on two lights, itself's an another.

Here is what it looks like. at the moment I would settle for one switch turning on the other two lights as well. As currently configured it will only work when turned on in the app, not from the switch itself. How to I get the automation to run with the kitchen door switch is turned on?

If you setup 2 rules in Rule Machine like the ones I posted above, they will work when any of the three physical switches is turned on/off, as well as when the switches are controlled via Hubitat.

The only requirement is that the switches have to be z-wave+, i.e. report their status back to Hubitat without polling. And from your description, they are.

You don't have "turn lights off when turned off" set.

What I'd like to know is what On/Off Optimization means, lol.

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