I need more motion sensors - stick with Iris?

I'm looking for the fastest response and a short reset. Is Iris the best choice?

If Iris is the best choice, does the 3326-L2 work, or would I need to stay with the 3326-L?

I have both types. Look and work exactly the same. Only the packaging appears to be different.

I Second this, these are reliable...anything iris(rebranded centralite) has been good to me.

They are the fastest I've used and I've used many kinds on various systems over time, but the Iris do not disappoint. :slight_smile:

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Like everyone above, I also love the Iris (v2) sensors. The only real problem I've had is that I've bought a lot and one or two have been "duds" that drained the batteries usually fast (within a week, and I had to replace the batteries several times before I figured this out). My experience shows that this issue is covered under warranty, and they'll replace it (you'd know soon after you get it). Most work great! They're small, respond very fast to motion, and reset within a minute or so. The small size makes mounting options limited, but they do provide tape for corners (just wish there was some sort of adjustable, screw-in mount).

The Xiaomi sensors are about as fast but are obviously more difficult to make work (but unlike ST, they're local here so they actually are fast). I've also had good luck with the 2015 ST motion sensor and (now that it's supported) the original ST motion sensor, but neither is available first-party anymore.

Most Z-Wave sensors I've tried take longer to respond for motion, which is annoying if you're using the for lighting automation and want the lights on as soon as you step in the room. However, many of them support some customization via parameters that ZigBee devices generally lack (e.g., sensitivity, reset time, etc.), so you may find some features there you want. But if you're already happy with Iris, I say keep going. :slight_smile:

This is probably more than you wanted to know, but I have a lot of experience with motion sensors, including experiements where I measured their response times due to people on a well-known ST social media group accusing me of wrongly disliking the Monoprice sensors (which do indeed take literal seconds to respond sometimes for me, and I've got actual data to compare it to others now :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Not too much at all, very helpful information!

What's the average battery life on the Iris motion sensors? I mainly use Aeotec Multisensor 6, all hardwired with the USB cables. Not the fastest to respond to motion so might want to add in some of the Iris sensors.

I have had a few last over a year. Two in particular are in my master closet in a somewhat traffic area.

Weird, I bought way too many iris motions as well so I ended up using some for outdoor just so I don't feel guilty even though I know they are not for outdoor. Been 2 years out there under the soffit without any issue. I hardwired the power to them.
I also have tons of ST motion sensors and they are fast but crazy amount of false alarm. I have to use zone motion controller app to control them.
Go with Iris in my opinion.

Is there any solution to this given that Iris is no more? I think two of my sensors have said issue.

I'm not aware of any, though maybe someone with some engineering knowledge could figure something out (is something inside sort of "shorting" out this circuit? That might explain the ones that drain super-fast, but I've also had some take a couple weeks...and the only thing I can think of for that is to hit "Configure" on the device page in case the problem is just excessive reporting).

At this point, I've just considered it a risk that happens sometimes since warranty replacement is no longer available. I was able to get one of those used 10-packs on eBay for cheap a while back, so I didn't mind wheh one or two were like this for me.

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you could hard wire the motion sensor.
Cut the end off a old usb cable and solder the positive/negative wires to the battery contacts to supply 5 volt power.
I have done this with a lot of my sensors.

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Thanks, yeah I will try that configure trick because I find it hard to believe that out of the 10 I bought, and 7 are in use, that the two that have issues just so happen to be in the same room. We will see what happens I guess.

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