I need Curl help with a plain text command

My Russound AV receiver accepts text commands over IP. The manual says the Russound IO (RIO)...
"The RIO Command Set is available as ASCII text via IP (using port 9621)"
Using PuTTY, raw mode, I can enter VERSION and get...
S VERSION="01.08.00"
What would be the equivalent Curl command? I have tried several but only get errors.

I could be wrong, but I would think the AV receiver is not using the http protocol on that port, if you are issuing the command via putty, so I would not expect a http request via curl to work. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can confirm this..

If you are wanting to control this via HE, then you will likely need a driver to issue a lan command or whatever the right term is.

I am using a telnet connection for control right now, thanks to some great help from @bptworld. Just looking at different options for control. How does PuTTY manage the connection?


PuTTY is usually Telnet or SSH

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But with PuTTY, I specifically choose a raw connection and not telnet or SSH. Does that make a difference?

IIRC raw is telnet


This document provides a description of a new protocol intended to ease integration of 3rd party
devices and software with Russound C-Series and E-Series systems. We refer to this new feature as
Russound I/O, or RIO.
RIO is a new text-based command set that improves upon our 3rd Party Integration Support, making
it easier to develop UI devices and applications that require Russound system integration and control.
Here is a summary of the services provided by this new command set:
• Serves as a superset of the existing RNet protocol capability
• Full 2-way communication capability
• The RIO Command Set is available as ASCII text via IP (using port 9621) and RS232
interfaces. Up to 8 simultaneous IP connections is supported for C-Series and E-Series

So maybe this does not mean http over IP...
I may sound like I understand communication protocols and such......I definitely do not.

Based on that, I'd try the Hubitat rawSocket interface: Raw Socket Interface | Hubitat Documentation