I need assistance with overall connectivity issues

Hi everyone

I need some advice with my Hubitat setup and various Zigbee devices. I've been using them for quite a while but am facing consistent issues. Here's the devices I have:

  • 5 HUE motion detectors
  • 20 Sonoff mini smart switches
  • 3 Zigbee temperature sensors
  • some misc devices like tvs, soundbars, etc

For repeaters, I use:

  • 6 Innr plugs
  • 2 IKEA repeaters

The main problem is that most devices stop working after a few days post-reboot. They function again once rebooted, but the cycle repeats every few days.

Despite having repeaters throughout my 3-story house, I suspect connectivity issues since some devices close to the hub also fail. However, when I check the hub's mesh settings, some non-functional devices appear connected, which confuses me.

I attached the logs of one of the motion detectors that is near the hub. as you can see, it suddenly stopped logging around 2 PM and then when I rebooted it at 6 PM it resumed logging again.

This situation is quite frustrating, considering my investment in this setup. I would really appreciate any assistance or insights. I'm happy to provide more details about the setup if needed. Thank you in advance!

What version hubitat hub do you have?

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Platform Version

Hardware Version


Was it mostly the sonoff stuff dropping off? What channel is your wifi on? What channel on the hub is your zigbee on?

If these are mains powered then they are almost certainly repeating also.

I had a lot of trouble with Sonoff S31's which is discussed at length in this post.

I wouldn't be surprised if other Sonoff products use the exact same chipset and antenna.

Just yesterday I released a Zigbee Monitor Driver that gives you some insights into Parent->Child relationships, signal strength and routing. You can find that discussed here:


Not only sonoff. The image i previously attached is for a Hue sensor logs.

For Wifi routers i use Deco which unfortunately doesn't provide a way to know the channel used let alone changing it.

I attached power and channel settings

Channel 11 is pretty common on the 2.4 Ghz range. Even without knowing what channel the Eero is, I would switch your Zigbee channel to 20 or 25 and let your mesh restabilize afterwards. I probably wouldn't keep it at power 20 either... If it were me, I would go with something like 8 (remember, even if your hub can reach the device, the device needs to talk back to it).

That would be my first suggestion, but as stated previously, it could be the Sonoff repeaters (which you have a ton of).


Thanks for your insightful comment. Tried your amazing driver and it didn't show Sonoff switches as repeaters though

Whatโ€™s the model number?

You don't really need the driver to figure that out. Just put your IP in and leave the rest the same and this will tell you what the hub sees for repeaters.

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I changed channel and power to what you suggested. However, that didn't solve the problem.

Regarding sonoff devices, i don't think they are repeating.

Go here to check http://your_ip/hub/zigbeeInfo

I went there but I don't know what to look for. Can you please explain?

Simply put, if a device is mains based it will repeat. If it's battery based it won't repeat. In the case of devices that can run on mains or battery, if you install it with battery and switch to mains it won't repeat and vice versa...If you want a batter visual map of your zigbee devices go to settings>>zigbee details>>view device graph. Red=hub, blue=mains device (repeater) and green is battery based sensor...

From that URL you will get a table like this:

The second block are the Hub neighbors. You won't see all of your devices in there, just the closest ones and it may contain repeaters and end devices.

You said in one of your comments that you didn't think your repeaters were working. Any device that shows in your Neighbor table that is mains powered will be a repeater.

The last block of info shows how info is routed when something is not an immediate neighbor. For example my second line in that block shows that in order to talk to the Office Thermostat it should send any information to Repeater S2 (That is my device name).

The first entry is a little confusing as it has the same device name, Repeater S2. It is easiest to think of it this way. A mains device will be both a zigbee repeater and a Hubitat device. In order to talk to the Hubitat device "Repeater S2", I need to send data to the address of the Repeater S2.
All of the Zigbee repeating happens at the firmware level and has nothing to do with the Hubitat device drivers whatsoever.

My Zigbee Monitor driver simply looks at the data available in a Zigbee repeater and reports on it.

The URL took me to this page which looks different that your table

The endpoint you want to use is:


(replace your-hubitat-ip with the IP address of your hub)

These are the devices

You have 5 neighbors, all repeaters. All your other devices come through one of them as the last hop. I'd look at the routing table and see which devices connect via you lowest LQI repeaters.

So does this confirm that the Sonoff switches (mains based) are not repeating?