I miss the old Quirky devices

I get it. This is a non-issue, all things considered. But you know what? 5 years ago, or whenever the Eggminder came out, I could just add an element to my shopping list automatically when our eggs were running low. And now, even if this does work with Wink (it didn’t the last time I tried it), I’m not going to pay a monthly fee for one device that tells me I’m out of eggs. I wish it ran locally.

It’s the little things you end up missing… :disappointed:


Ok I had to google this because it blew my mind there would be a specialized device to keep track of your eggs... Personally I just tell Alexa to add to my grocery list and its done. Plug for https://www.anylist.com/ because its awesome.

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Haha oh man.. Those early Quirky devices... You had to program them with your phone screen because they used a sensor to read the flashing of the screen on/off to get your Wifi data. Ah the early days of the smart home! I honestly don't really miss those days.

(I don't know if EggMinder used that method, but their other devices did, so I'm just assuming.)


It did --- and not very well. I also miss the Porkfolio, and the quirky propane meter. Those were so cool.

I don't miss the early days of automation ... but I do miss those zany inventions. I wish we had more fun products on the market these days lol

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Lol I forgot about Porkfolio.

I'm all for zany ideas. Sometimes they hit on something that's truly useful.

I had the Refuel (the propane tank meter), 2 Eggminders, 2 Quirky spotters (spotter v1) - they were really good as vibration sensors, and 2 Nimbuses - one on my nightstand and one on my desk at work. They were pretty neat!

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I always wanted one of these, still do. Too bad there is nothing like it on the market that uses standard protocols. I understand you can hack these, but I am not sure I have the programming skills to do so.

I mainly wanted the weather, alerts for new emails, and other notifications.

Picture for those who aren't familiar.



I used it for time, weather, stock updates, and mail.


Dead on. The tech was from Electric Imp. They may have also run the servers.

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