I’m having a great time with HE

My HE is really cool. And the work they have done with it is amazing. It’s complicated, yes. But it’s really a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot. A big thank you to the programmers and the people here that help others. This is a fabulous site.


:+1: :+1:

Hubitat staff have been great at encouraging an active, sometimes rambunctious, but always helpful user community!


We prefer the term "sophisicated yet flexible"


Yes, my apologies. This thing is extremely sophisticated. :slight_smile:


Hear, hear! The HE has certainly taken my expectations in home automation to the next level. I find myself being a lot more fearless in trying new approaches, most of which greatly simplify the nest of half-baked work-arounds that my old hub (a Vera Plus) forced me into.

Kudos to all the staff and forum moderators!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS


That learning curve really levels out rather quickly, but if you are just getting into this, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. I i find my self wanting to do far more with hubitat than I ever dreamed of doing with Smart things.


Yes HE is cool :sunglasses:

The problem is with hubitat that its slowly becoming like home assistant where some nerds are laughing on you " he doesnt know how to use the shells" because you are not familiar with complicated mathematical term like variables and programming languages etc. And when you have practical requests which would be beneficial for the mortal you are just being ignored because its not a programming or math challenge.

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Wait what?!

Seriously, what are you referring to?


Really? Even I have to say you're way off the mark. This is one of the most helpful communities I have ever seen for both new and novice users to advanced users. The worst I've ever seen in here is people desperately trying to help someone and that person won't answer back...To make a comment like that is pretty disingenuous...


I'm sorry that's been your experience. I haven't seen it myself and hopefully, I'm not guilty of that behavior. I have seen some evidence of the phenomenon @rlithgow1 mentions, and from time to time I do get frustrated with some users who seem to ask for help but not willing to listen, but those are few and far between. And in fairness there are probably people who get frustrated with my help because it turns out to be the wrong advice!


I just recently asked about the event engine , specifically where to find the lighting effects in it. The reply was: find yourself thats the fun in it.

And one comment does not make a community. Now that said what do you mean about event engine? What generates them for where events are?


thats an app by btpworld.

You should be able to find it n the Hubitat Package Manager, just search his name and all his apps come up

i know the package manager thank you . I was looking for some zigbee light effects which are in that but i couldn't find

i tried to recommend the developers a few things before, all of them was ignored.

If you post in the app thread @bptworld is very good about answering questions and giving help on his apps


@bptworld asked @zsolt.toth.39 exactly what he was trying to do, so he could point him in the right direction. @zsolt.toth.39 never responded to that request ... at that point, what's a (free app) developer to do?


I can see how someone would get that impression, but there are those people in everything you do in life. I definetly fit in to the category of " knows little enough to be dangerous", and yeah here and there I have run across those types of people, but by and large most members of the community, especially those most active members, (honestly the list is too long to mention here) are generally very helpful and patient when helping others, especially newbies. At the same time I've seen new people come in and ask the same questions over and over without searching the forums first (been guilty of that myself) or asking questions without giving detail then get combative/defensive or just stop responding when suggestions are made or logs are requested. I can see why someone who does this as a hobby and doesn't get paid could get irritated or even a bit grissled, and unfortunately, it just sort get directed everyone.


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