I’m going to attempt home assistant again, it made me realize how much I love this community

Seriously, I went to their forum then thought “I wish hubitat had a home assistant forum”

“I don’t understand the difference between if I install h.a on my diet pi and installing hass.io. How much more complicated is installing the intergrations? I read a bunch of threads, but I don’t understand what I’m reading”
Reply “read them again”

Post deleted.
Just wanted to say thank you for this community


If you have questions, post them on the mother page of the integration. Tag the developer if you must. You'll get your answers. It's nice to hear the positives in things. Thanks for that. Thanks for being here.


Why you back to the dark side? I'm trying to leave :smiley:

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1 reason ONLY. integrated hue! I need to use my sylvania light strip to harmony remote

I use mine, with hubitat, Hive & Tuya curtains (soon to be replaced by z-wave).

I like HA's dashboard and logging features.

That’s what I’ll do too. How complicated is that emulated hue to setup?

Should be easy. HA will auto detect your hue and go you can go from there. If you have trouble the HA facebook group is much friendly.


Hass.io (was) is essentially HomeAssistant installed as a Docker container and it includes an add-ons manager to install extras features that are each also individual Docker containers. These often have configuration options and logging exposed in the installation and may support ‘Ingress’ that enables being added to the left hand vertical menu and working through Nabu Casa.

The other HA installs are either a generic Linux install with HA then manually installed within or a tailored Linux install specifically for HA. The former has some contentious discussion currently re deprecation as it is proving time consuming to maintain, but is much favoured by enthusiasts.

HACS is a great new add in manager that can be used in all versions but requires the custom component to support it.. as many now do.


Thank you