I lose all my zwave

Background: I have 46 zwave devices and have been using a C5 for the last 3.5 years. I have subscribed to hub protect for the last couple years.

Problem: After awhile (around 1 day) my hub has no communication to zwave devices and lists no zwave devices:

I believe this problem began when I upgraded to 2.3.6, I noticed problems right away, but the problems seemed to disappear. I recently figured out this was most likely due to the fact that I have a rule that reboots my hub every few days. So once the hub rebooted, my problem would disappear for around 24 hours and then come back, then a reboot, and the cycle repeats.

As someone who subscribes to Hub protect, and also automatically saves backups to a NAS. I figured it would be easy to just go back to the way my hub was before the problem started. Any suggestions?

After a reboot my devices are back, (I expect them to be gone again and completely unresponsive in around 1 day):

In place of a reboot, can you try a shutdown followed by a power cycle?


Anything in Logs/Past Logs that shows hyperactive devices or integrations? By "hyperactive" I mean events being generated by the same device/app every few milliseconds.

Looks like zwave is crashing. Do you happen to have any Aeotec multisensors?

This person had a similar issue with zwave crashing (did not notice issues until 2.3.6) and found it from a MS6 sensor.

Sorry for the late reply, no new zwave devices in the last 12 months. Nothing particular in the logs, other than the fact I installed a wifi presence sensor for two phones (mine and my wife's phone), it seems to check once a minute for each phone, so they are the most active, but that is only once every minute for each phone.

Ran a zwave repair last night and everything still works this evening, so I have my fingers crossed.

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Are you using the oem power supply?

I'd replace the reboot with a shutdown, power off, wait a minute(?), and re-power.

I don't think the cloud backup thing affected C-5 hubs, did it?

When my C-8 Z-wave crashed because of the cloud backup, the only thing that got it totally back was a shutdown/power cycle.

I wonder, could the fix applied to fix the cloud backup/z-wave crash issue, have somehow affected the C-5? @bobbyD ?

Still trying to track down my problem. Looking at my zwave table (when it lists devices) and see two inovelli fan switches with the same "Device ID" and "Device Type" Is this concerning?

I have had both of these devices for well over a year.

No, I wouldn't think so. Totally different node numbers. Is this on a C-5 hub?

Yes, on a C5

Hoping this has fixed my issue, no problems yet since updating to

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