I have to re-add my devices to google home every time I add a new device

It’s been a few months since I added a device, and I see a new oauth screen when linking my devices to google home. Step 7 in this article is where everything goes wrong.

  1. I added a device in my hubitat
  2. I follow the linked article to add devices
  3. Each time I get to step 7, I have to select every device I want google to control, which is a lot of devices, but not all.
  4. I have to put every device back in a room in google home before I can use it

I went through this twice, and the second time I only added the device I forgot, and it removed my other 20+ devices.

There’s a second issue happening when I authenticate with oauth… On step 5 of the linked article, I receive an error saying “state must be included in parameter string” (or something to that effect). This happens if I try to go through the linking twice back to back, which happened because I forgot a light switch. I believe something is cached and I have to wait for the cache/cookie to expire.

What changed, and why do I have to go through this setup every time now? It didn’t used to be like this…

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