I have a rule that is not running, please help

Hello, I have a rule that is supposed to run on weekdays in the morning. It is not running. If I hit "run actions" manually, it still is not running. I have logs turned on, but I cannot find them anywhere to see what is happening. Please help.

Mode is Night required expression combined w/what looks like a trigger that is set for 07:55 (7:55 AM) - that won't work, assuming your "Night" mode is over by 7:55 am.

This automation is what changes it from Night mode. So might mode is definitely still active when this automation runs.

OK, I don't use modes at all, but assumed that if you have a "morning" mode set up that the morning mode would be enabled in the morning if you used the table below when you created your Morning mode.

If you didn't do that I see no reason why your rule wouldn't run.

It's not in that chart for setting modes at times. I don't want to use that chart, because I want it to set at different times per days, and I don't want it to set if I am on vacation or something.

Mode Manager is one way to automate changing of modes, but it's not the only way, and just defining a mode (which is really done in Settings) won't do anything on its own. So, that much seems good to me unless you do indeed have a conflict with this or another app (but it sounds like you don't). If you're using all rules or other methods, you don't even need Mode Manager at all.

Fort this rule, I'd enable all logging and see what Logs say around the time you think there should be activity. You might also want to check that your hub time is correct in Settings > Hub Details. You can also check Logs > Location Events for a mode history to be extra sure.

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UPDATE: Although I still cannot find the logs, despite them being turned on, I have figured out it failed with the thermostat. I switched it so it changes mode to morning, THEN updates the thermostat, and it successful changes the mode but then unsuccessfully changes the thermostat.

Logs are on, but I cannot find them. I have figured out it's the thermostat that causing the issue though. When I have the thermostat first, it doesn't do anything, when I switch them, the mode does change but the thermostat doesn't. So I can say that the issue is caused by the thermostat.

EDIT: It seems just editing the thermostat section of the rule and then editing it back to what it was fixed it? Unsure what was going on, but solved for now (hopefully)

Since this is good to know for the future:

They will be on the Logs page, likely under "Past Logs" by the time you open the page (Live Logs captures anything from the time you open the page). They can be filtered by app or device name, which you'll see a couple options for at the top.

If there aren't any for your rule even with the above, then either none were generated (say, because it never triggered) or the past logs size limit had been exceeded and they were purged by that point.

Yeah, the problem is I couldn't find the app name when I was trying to filter them. Do they get generated when you hit "run actions" or does it have to auto run for them to be generated?

Gotta turn on logging in the rule...

Check all three boxes, save the rule, then run it and you'll see the results in the logs for the rule.

Also turn on debug logging in the devices, the option will be in the Preferences section on the device page:

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 12.40.40 PM

Yup... they're on. and they've been on when I ran it... still no logs visible. But I ran it manually by clicking "run actions" so maybe that doesn't generate a log? Idk. That's my guess, if it still is supposed to generate a log then idk why it isn't.

Action logging should happen with "Run Actions" (similar to a trigger, except you won't have a trigger or a log for that even if enabled), though you do indeed have to have some logs from the app for Logs to show anything for it in the first place.

Past Logs does not dynamically refresh. Also, it will pull the oldest name available for the app or device, so if you renamed the rule, you may need to look for another name. Alternatively, if you had logs open when these entries were generated, look under Live Logs instead. It will only show up under one, depending on the timing of your page load or refresh. Maybe that helps?

Running actions should make the actions run.

Go to the logs page, hit the Clear and Clear filters buttons.

Then hit Run Actions in the rule.

Then return to the Logs tab in your browser and choose your rule and the two devices in the drop down. You will then see the logs for running the rule actions:

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I followed both of your instructions, and I can find the logs in past logs or live logs depending what is open when it runs - but I cannot filter by the app name still. I search for it and nothing shows up, but they are appearing in logs at least.

I must say, overall I am happy with hubitat, but some of this stuff is confusing me. Thanks for all the help!

Also a lot of my apps have outdated names listed and are listed as (paused) when they aren't paused, so idk what's going on there. That's a problem for another day. I think it was caused by moving basic rules to rule machine and I am just reading it wrong so I am not going to worry about it until I run into another issue

Search examines the contents of the log entries, not the app name. (Your browser search feature might be handy for finding that, though, since they should all be listed at the top.)

This text looks special but is really just part of the app name. Logs will take the oldest app name available, so the special text you see like paused, stopped, or a mode name don't (necessarily) mean it's the current value.

Okay that makes sense. Is there a way to force them to update? Can I duplicate the rule with a new name maybe? (I organized my rules and renamed them to be easier to find, and using the old names in logs is mildly annoying, but not the end of the world)

Thanks for your help, I understand what’s going on now.

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