I had a zooz zen 72 in my old house. It was slow, like a .5 second delay

Was that “normal”? Or was mine defective

too many factors would come into play. it would depend on the connection the switch had with the hub, or the route it would take to reach the hub. if you have a non z-wave plus device on the route going from the switch to the hub, then everything will slow down to the slower speeds. if you had a weak connection or had to go through sufficient obstacles (walls/floors/etc) then that could also impact the speed. what was being used to control the device? was that bogged down? was it on the latest firmware? was the switch on the latest firmware?

too many variables with not enough information to give an accurate answer


Typically, Z-wave devices tend to be a little slower than Zigbee. However, if a Z-wave dimmer responds in less than 1/2 second, I would think that is pretty good.

If you had a on-off switch rather than a dimmer it might respond more quickly.