I got my hand on some rare discontinued home automation stuff, where to sell?

A lot of harmony stuff, those lutron zigbee remotes stuff like that. I’d rather not sell here as I bought them to sell for profit and eBay is full of people returning things for no reason. “Doesn’t connect to my wifi” ZIGBEE, I SAID ZIGBEE! :joy:

Thank you

Do you have a price list?

I don’t. Just got them

Why don’t you want to sell them here? If the price is fair (despite your understandable goal of wanting to make a profit), someone who wants it will buy it.

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Lutron Caseta Pico remotes are not Zigbee devices. They use the Lutron Clear Connect protocol which differs from Zigbee, Z-wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The will only connect to other Lutron Caseta devices (and maybe the Lutron professional line). The Pico remotes are quite useful, if you have a Lutron hub. I even use them to control non-Lutron devices. However, I already have several spares.

I have gotten a lot of home automation stuff off Amazon. When I do a search, I might specify something like "Zigbee motion sensor". The search results displayed will include devices that are not Zigbee and devices that are not motion sensors. It is no wonder that people end up with devices they cannot use.

Since Harmony is being discontinued, but still supported, there may be an outlet for that.

If you have any of the Smartthings devices, they may be useful, but I doubt you got a deal on those.

That is correct, but Lutron Connected Bulb remotes are Zigbee devices. The OP didn’t specify, but that’s presumably what he was referring to.


I have seen some prices for the Lutron bulb remotes listed at over $100.


I’m hoping for half that. They are cool though. Imo the only really nice looking option for hue lights. I currently use picos and the zigbee ones are faster

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While they sold for such prices a couple of years ago, I would be surprised if they commanded such prices anymore for several reasons:

  1. They are primarily useful in the Wink platform, where no other button controllers were available. Wink's use as a platform has diminished substantially over the last two years due to an unavailability of hubs, and the imposition of a monthly fee.
  2. They were also useful as controllers of Hue lighting, but there are better options available now.

More recently, they've sold for $40-50, although the asking price remains crazy high (like someone asking $150 for a LCBR that hasn't sold for ~1 year).

That's a reasonable expectation. You should get that much.

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  1. They were also useful as controllers of Hue lighting, but there are better options available now.

Like? I’ve yet to find a decent looking one? The lutron caseta ones he a delay (almost unnoticeable) but still a delay

Lutron Aurora. I know people who find them to be much more intuitive. And others who use the Philips Hue Dimmer.


What harmony stuff did you get?

A few hubs, 2 elites (ones touch won’t work) and a couple ultimates

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