I did it to myself. Still stuck with Hampton Bay Fan controller resets

So yesterday I added the NIB Hampton Bay Zigbee ceiling fan / light controller, it paired, and I could get the remote to work, but it would never work from within HE.

Then I did something stupid.

I unpaired the thing.

When I unpaired it, it flashed 5 times.

Now I need to get it back into pairing mode.

How do I do this from a pre existing install?

I have tried the 3-3-5 factory reset several times, no joy.

They sure didn't make these to be user friendly.

So that begs the question. How can I get these things into pairing mode and working in HE? What am I doing wrong?

My experience was to put the hub into Zigbee pairing, and then power cycle the fan 5 times with 3 seconds on 3 seconds off. Then it would show up in the Zigbee pairing information.

The factory reset on those is flipping the breaker off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on with around 1 second between flips. And the light should flash and you'd want to have your hub in Zigbee pairing mode when you do that. They are a pain and it really sucks if you have more than one on any given breaker. Make sure your hub or any other sensitive electronic devices aren't on the same breaker. Those devices have really bad radios and many tend to stop responding to commands. If you recently bought that and can return it I'd suggest getting an LZW36 from Inovelli instead, they are as reliable as any other Z-Wave switch.

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Yeah, trying to utilize what I have for now.

Do you start from the on position, or off?

off. Should join on 5th on. Actually, I'm not sure. Sometimes I had to try more than once. Good to keep an eye on the page where it's pairing to see it happen.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


Trying to get these things to work makes me feel like Al Bundy singing his Cha cha cha...

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Okay so I got it back, and I think I have the procedure figured out now.

#1. Have it removed from HE, and any other system / hub.
#2. Insure both fan is set to high, and light fixture is on at the fan itself, and turned off at the remote.
#3. Turn wall switch to off position.
#4. Throw breaker off for circuit.
#5. Wait 30 minutes.
#6. Throw breaker back on.
#7. Start Zigbee pairing.
#8. Turn light on/ off / on in 3 second intervals, stopping at the 5th on. If you count 20 seconds after 5th on without it flashing it didn't work. Repeat process.

And this time it went in clean, no need to rename, and so the parent device is named kitchen, and of course the child devices kitchen fan, and kitchen light, shared with Alexa and now I have control again!

Now to get my automations on and then move forward with life...

After all this hubbub, I am starting to wonder if the original I pulled out of this fixture was actually good and I am just an idiot. IF it is, and I can make it work with the hugger, I have controllers for all of my fans now!