I can't get Scenes to work

I have followed the advice from the forum and followed the documentation on Scenes and can't get it to function properly.

I created the scene; name it Test 1, add kitchen lights, dinning room lights, living lights. I capture the scene. I go back in a select the Test 1 under button to control scene. I select ignore active switch off.

I then go into Sharptools and add Test 1 to the dashboard. When I push the button on my dashboard the scene activates and the lights come on. I get an Error message in Sharptools even though the lights came on. I then went into the log to see what it recorded and it is continually activating the scene and won't stop even after I delete the scene. I have to reboot the hub to get it to stop.

I also don't have control of the lights until I reboot the hub, I'm guess because the command to activate the scene is continually running.

I want to be able to push a button on the dashboard to activate the scene but then have control of the lights at the switch.

What am I doing wrong?

I think I finally got it working after several attempts. Will keep playing with it to make sure.