I can't connect to Hubitat C-8

Not sure why. I cannot connect with my Samsung S21+ or my wife's iPhone or using the remote admin. Not sure why. I did update recently. Help!

It sounds like the hub is no longer connected to the cloud. Are you able to access the hub's interface from the local network?

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Thank you for the prompt response!

OK. I moved the C-8 back near the router (UDM-Pro) and connected by ethernet. That is working. I fixed the wired IP to in the router but not in the C-8. I did have the C-8 wireless connection fixed in the router at I did not fix either one in the C-8.

Maybe DHCP in the C-8 didn't like the fixed IP in the router? Will the C-8 work with both WiFi and wired connections simultaneously with two IP's?

I would rather connect with WiFi and keep the C-8 in a more central location. Maybe that won't matter with the new antennas.


I can connect to the hub via the wired IP and see where to connect by WiFi. The C-8 can see my wireless network but when I put in the password it tries but fails to connect.

It will allow this configuration and will respond to both IPs but outbound from the hub will utilize the fastest responding interface (normally the wired connection).


OK. For Package Manager I uninstalled, shut down, remove power, start up, re-installed and now working again.

Everything working again.

Thank you!

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