I bet hubitat sees ALOT of new improvements, since wink is going sub only

I think we’ll get atleast 10 new developers. Atleast I hope so

You mean community developers that used to use wink?

Or developers that used to work for wink?

I’m thinking community developers

Given the way wink works, with limited device support and no user-driven apps, I'm not sure how many "devs" are in their user base at this point.


There were a few.... but the goal was to subvert the Wink to do another controllers bidding...

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I really think how many come over. I think if let’s say 5k come over, there’s bound to be one or two that’s realizes ring or my q doesn’t work and fixes it. I also feel like with the swell in community more people will do it jus for profit. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a $2k bounty for ring. There was a collective bounty of over $5k for a nest Homebridge plug-in. There’s gonna be about 10k users that realize no platform can’t connect with this hub. Eventually they’ll pool $3k+ and post a bounty

There is already a Ring Alarm Integration


Didn’t know that. Thx

I'll take that 2k bounty if you're offering. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has there ever been a similar-sized bounty collected here?

I have seen a couple threads that proposed something like that, but I don’t recall them going anywhere.

Quite the opposite actually, I was interested in the responses from a few people that are way more knowledgeable than me about development work.

I got the impression the amount of money being discussed as a one-time payout wasn’t in line with the scope of the work required for many integrations. Particularly something as complex and prone to break as an integration with Nest would probably be (due to changes that google might make in the future as just one example).

But since I know literally nothing about development work, my impression could be wrong :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I don’t think nest would be that hard if there was incentive. Homebridge did it. But it took a couple thousand dollar bounty. Let’s say hubitat gets 10k users next week. That’s $1m+. I’m actually not sure that hubitat themselves wouldn’t work on “unofficial, official” compatibility. I’m sure hubitat would get atleast 20% more subs if ring, nest and myq was supported

And a MyQ integration, Updated MyQ Lite Application

The thing is, you have to realize something with both of these integrations though. It's not a matter of "do we want to integrate it." it's a matter of MyQ and Ring will NOT open up their official partner programs to HE or HE app developers. So we find workarounds. @codahq did a great job of reverse engineering a lot of what Ring does. However, his integration depends on IFTTT because Ring refuses to directly send alerts to HE. For MyQ, the integration I ported from ST is the same... there is no way to receive directly from MyQ when the door opens/closes. It's not a matter of an amazing developer coming along. What we need is MyQ and Ring to agree to let HE join their partner program, and for HE to want to join their partner programs. 3rd party developers, regardless of how skilled, are powerless to build better integrations due to the lack of access.


Ring doesn't even have a partner program. Amazon killed 3rd party integrations because Amazon wants everybody to come to them. For vendors like that it doesn't matter what we need or want. We just workaround or we abandon.

Amazon really gets my goat.


How does Homebridge do it?

Wink had Myq. I THINK with them it’s a matter of $

It's weird though, I occasionally chat with the CEO of Ring and he still swears to me that they are going to open up the partner program. What he basically said was, given all the bad PR around security and Ring for the past year, they are redesigning a lot of it to add more layers of security. They don't want want another PR disaster on their hands if the integration points cause issues. I told him that's completely fair, but, instead we get integrations like yours. Don't take this as a criticism, I know you did the best possible with the tools you have, I said to him what you've done is less secure than a 1st party integration - why? Well I have to type my ring user/pass into your app. That's one more place my ring creds are stored instead of just straight OAuth to Ring. I have a middle man of IFTTT calling into my hub, so I have 3 points of security weakness, Ring, IFTTT, and HE instead of just two. The point is, people find workarounds and the workarounds are never going to be as good as first party solutions. Hopefully Jamie isn't BSing me, he swears it's coming... Granted, those were pre-pandemic roadmap conversations :slight_smile:


They poll the Ring API every X seconds. That's a pretty bad solution for things like motion detection. A delay of up to 30 seconds for motion? Not useful to me!

Yeah, MyQ charges, 99% sure. They even charge for their IFTTT support. MyQ even shut down a community built ST integration by blocking the IPs of the ST servers! I'm sure they'd integrate with HE... if HE ponied up. No idea if we're talking $500 or $5 million though!


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