I automated my CNC Dust / Particle Extraction with Hubitat!

This was dead easy to do and was in response to me needing to stay up till midnight last night waiting for my Y-axis brackets to finish, so I could turn off my CNC extraction system (I wasnt keen to leave my shop-vac running all night).

So I dug through my collection of Zigbee modules till I found a Samsung Smart plug with Power monitoring. I installed that for my CNC / Spindle motor power and then used a cheap Nue socket to control my Shop-Vac.

The rule in Hubitat took me all of 2 minutes to create, and it even notifies me when the CNC machine finishes its Job.


And Working perfectly. :ok_hand:


I did similar a few years back on ST: [OBSOLETE] App to Manage Shop / Garage Dust Collector / Vacuum System - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community

The whole cloud delay was an issue back with groovy, but on HE, this application makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: Nice work.

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Cheers, it’s been really handy already. :+1:

Even though I struggle to think of what I would use that for, I still want one.

Very cool...although you've spelled "center" wrong again. :wink:

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Feast your eyes on my dust extraction system! :rofl:


This is a variation on that theme, but using a 2 1/2" kit with three blast gates. The dust deputy is extremely effective. The dust collection kit was from Lee Valley tools:



Everything is mounted under the cabinets on the left side of the shop, although this pic predates the dust bits:


Looks very well designed and installed - nice and tidy.

And I do believe my house would fit in there. :wink:

This just gave me some ideas for an eventual garage reorganization (sometime between late 2023 and never).

Your workshop looks amazing!

I didn’t have room for a taller design, however this 3D printed design is incredibly effective given how simple it is. I get hardly anything in my shop vac now and the bucket is rapidly filling up with aluminum and wood particles.


@danabw , thanks :slight_smile: It's actually just a 16x24...pretty small.

@Hatallica , if it makes you feel any better, this was before! I cut a section of truss ties out and replaced with a ridge beam to get some height for the lift. It took most of a fall/winter to finish but getting rid of junk was the first step. Keeping it clean is a constant challenge as a small shop cannot clutter much before it becomes useless.


The wide angle lens is a bit deceiving. This was after the drain pad / racedeck floor section was installed:

@djos , any kind of bucket collector is miles better than nothing. I actually have a 2nd dust deputy to plumb in there to provide a bit more suction at the tools. That said, the system is night and day better than no dust collection at all!

Everything in there is on the HE including the roll up door, locks, some receptacles etc. It's nice to be able to check in when we're away.


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