I assigned a static IP to the Hub, switched routers and now I can't connect

I screwed up as the title says. The Hub has a static IP of, which I assigned. I then upgraded the router and the router's range is
Is it possible to still connect to the Hub or do I need to soft or hard reset? If so, how do I do that if I can't get into the router? I don't mind totally starting over as I'm on furlough for a week. Thanks, Covid!

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From docs.hubitat.com:
Networking - Hubitat Documentation

If you are accidentally blocked from accessing your hub due to an incorrect or unknown IP address setting, turn the hub over and use the point of a pen to press the small button just beneath the surface of the hub casing for at least 7 seconds .


Awesome, thank you. I'm an idiot for a few reasons but this one is special. I had that page pulled up and was looking only at it right until where I needed to be. :confused:

you could also change your router range if it allows

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I thought about that but everything else on the network is working flawlessly so I don't want to F things up again.

You could temporarily assign a static IP in the subnet to the network interface on your laptop/computer. So long as theyโ€™re on the same VLAN, this generally works.

I just had to do this yesterday to get into a used C5 I picked up on eBay.