I am desperate for ideas

Salt water tank monitor?

How about whole home energy usage monitoring? I love my IoTaWatt.com devices.

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HEY! MY CLEANING LADY! I betcha there are things she'd like to see! Great idea!

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As in water softener? Tell me more ...

You could always move. That would start a whole new line of projects. :wink:

Take a look here:

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Yeah, but my experience is that you have to translate the question to her way of thinking, so to speak... No judging, but her way of thinking is in a whole different world (with our cleaning lady at least). So instead of asking what would you have me automate to make your work easier (because she blanked at that question), I had to ask to do exactly what I did to myself, let her tell her about how a typical hour of work looks like in detail... Or you can follow her around and make notes, but she might not like that :wink:

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Mine loves technology. No kid gloves for her. I can think of a few things right out of the gate that will help her and me. When she cleans around my phone chargers, I'm sure she has the lights blinking because my chargers have a pressure switch that changes modes when 1 or 2 phones are docked. Probably got poltergeist lights flickering going on. Ha (That just dawned on me) My bad! I'll have to text her. You've given me a lot to think about. And a lot of new rules to write.

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Your welcome. I'm curious what you'll come up with!

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I will definitely check it out!

I will definitely post back here.

Yes. Just a frame mounted around it with a 6" gap from the flag. Make it a kind of 3-d look. I already have some lightify strips from another project that I hated, so I'll be using those. I'm making a trip to Menards tonight.

What about an air quality sensor with purifiers...?

Didn’t hear about any outdoor lighting automations. Have that? What about door announcements? So much more possible now with the latest update and Alexa routines accepting input triggers from HE. Opens up devices that aren’t currently supported by HE. Much like we’ve been doing with Google Assistant Relay, but without the need for a separate Node.js server. TTS in Alexa’s voice is now dead simple. No need for any of the hoops we had to jump through before.

Failing all this, learn to code and start a smart home business. That Is what Bruce and Chuck did.

Consider preventing your HVAC from running if any doors or windows are open.

OK so you want a challenge ? Ultimate decadence ..

A ‘run me a bath’ button. - maybe separate buttons for each family members preference.

This is not an easy automation but I use mine a lot and is the one most visitors remember. It takes a lot of physical bits and work to get this working. Plus there are a lot of enhancements like keep it at required temperature.


err.. maybe I should have taken more notice of your name. In the UK we have an expression ‘April showers’ in which case this is of no interest !


Pop up window on TV is another one people like. Front door or security cam activation or incoming telephone caller name / CID. Reminders or text messages a possibility too.


Sorry , one more people comment on.

My external motion activated floodlights are not on/off but dimmed. They ramp up over 4s and dim over 30s. I initially did this because I was not catching intruders faces as they turned away when the floods came on before the camera recorded and the cameras were also momentarily blinded by the bright light, but it’s a nice welcome so kept it. It also doesn’t annoy the neighbours as much with the false alarms overnight. Having to use Halogen still though until dimmable LED’s appear.

I would like to see this done or get pointed to the right thread for this. I have Fire TV's and IP cameras connected to BlueIris. I'd like to see a turn on TV and display camera when the alarm goes off.

I really like bed!!