HVAC geeks, would love some help w/thermostat driver config related to HVAC HW

I need some help choosing the right hardware settings in the community driver for my Honeywell T6 thermostat - I'm totally lost. My HVAC knowledge pretty much stops at barely being able to spell HVAC. :slight_smile: Our system has just worked w/out issues, so never had reason to dig into it,

I have this furnace below, connected to gas line - with an AC unit sitting on top of it. Mine is the second column in the table a little lower down, 07NAMER) is the model.


The Rheem Classic® Series line of upflow/horizontal gas
furnaces are designed for utility rooms, closets, alcoves, or
attics. Because of the low-profile 34 inch [864 mm] height,
the upflow model can also be used to satisfy most applications that traditionally call for a horizontal furnace.
• Patented heat exchanger, constructed of aluminized steel for the
maximum in corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability.
• Low profile “34 inch” design is lighter and easier to handle,
and leaves room for optional equipment.
• Convertible from upflow to horizontal left or right without field
• Left or right side gas and electric inlet connections with quick,
simple change.
• Robust and reliable direct spark ignition utilizing remote
sense and an integrated board with humidifier and electronic
air cleaner hookups.
• Insulated blower compartment helps to reduce jacket loss
and noise.
• Pre-paint galvanized steel cabinet.
• Molded permanent filter.
• Grab-holes in doors to aid in easy door removal and
• A variety of cooling coils and plenums designed to use with
Rheem Classic® Series gas furnaces are avail able as optional
• These furnaces can be installed in an upflow position or laid
on either side in a horizontal position. Field conversion not

Mine has what I believe to be is an AC unit sitting on top of it (big compressor outside connected to it):

AC unit close-up, FWIW:

Manual is here:

Is above enough info to help me choose what to enter in the T6 driver settings, below?

  • Equipment type - I assume it's one of the two bolded
    Options: Standard Gas, High Efficiency Gas, Oil, Electric, Fan Coil, Air to Options: Heat Pump, Geothermal Heat Pump, Hot Water, Steam
  • Reversing valve
    Options: No selection, O/B on Cool, O/B on Heat
  • Stages
    Options: No selection, 0, 1, 2
  • Heat Stages Aux/E Stages
    Options: No selection 0, 1, 2
  • Aux/E Control
    Options: No selection, Both Aux and E, Either Aux/E
  • Aux Heat Type - I assume bolded option
    Options: No selection, Gas, Oil
  • EM Heat Type
    Options: No selection, Electric, Gas/Oil
  • Fossile Kit Control
    Options: No selection, Thermostat, External
  • Auto Changeover
    Options: No selection, Off, On
  • High Cool Stage Finish
    Options: No selection, No, Yes
  • High Heat Stage Finish
    Options: No selection, No, Yes
  • Aux Heat Droop Control
    Options: Comfort is first option, followed by a degree setting ranging from 2 to 15
  • Up Stage Timer Aux Heat
    Options: Off is first option, followed by time settings ranging from 20 minutes to 16 hours
  • Balance Point (Compressor Lockout)
    Options: Off is first setting, the degree setting in 5 degree increments from 5 to 65.

I didn't see anything in the T6 driver thread about choosing these preferences/settings, and didn't get any response to a post I placed there.

Really appreciate any help/guidance on this.

You have standard gas. A high efficiency gas would have an efficiency of 90%+

No selection - reversing valve is a heat pump thing. You don't have a heat pump.

I would select 1. The Heating speed makes me think the furnace might have two heating stages, but it is probably set to control staging itself rather than expecting your thermostat to do it.

I would do no selection for all of these. These are heat pump things.

I would select no option on the remainder. Some of them are features I don't recognize and some are heat pump related things.


Thanks VERY much, @reid.a.baldwin, really appreciate your help w/this stuff.

Now if we'd just have a day below 90 so I can risk cutting off our AC while I remove the Nest and connect the T6... :wink:

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I would select 1. The Heating speed makes me think the furnace might have two heating stages,

Your unit is probably just a single stage, constant speed for heating. The "heating speed" of MED-HIGH is just an setting between medium and high. It is normal for a forced air unit to run the fan at one speed (typically slower) for heating and another (typically faster) for cooling.


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