HVAC Dashboard Tile: Click to type Temperature

Similar to Mode and Fan Mode, for larger changes to the set point, it would be nice to click the existing value and then enter the new value in a popup.



Or perhaps a list of temperatures that you could quickly scroll through....? You typically wouldn't have to scroll far.

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Yeah I have thought the same thing.

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Why do you think it would be better / easier? Not trying to be argumentative but I can't see it.

Personally this would seem more effort than the current + it could introduce mistakes if the operator miss-entered a number.

That's where I was thinking about a scrollable list...

But I do get there may be a small number of times where people may need a feature like this

I see both as being good ideas, but if I had to choose one, I would use the fillable blank. That fillable field code could likely be reused for other tiles like key (PIN) codes, or for things like an alarm/clock time entry.

My ecobee 3 originally had a sequence to change the temperature where you had to touch the current temp and an up and down slider was provided to change the temperature setting. What a PIA it was. They finally changed it to (+) and (-) making it much easier.
And am i missing something? I rarely change my temperature setting more than one degree. I don't see how a pop up and 2 digit entry would be easier.

I certainly don't have a use for it either, up and down buttons are fine for me. I just thought there may be situations for some where a bigger adjustment may be useful. I guess that is up to others to decide, by their support of the request. I certainly wouldn't want this to replace the existing controls, only provide an alternative.

My HVAC controllers are Lutron RR2.

If I click + four times quickly, only two of the clicks will be received. i.e. the + and - interface isn’t responsive enough for more than one or two degree changes. Therefore, the feature request.


I wonder if it would be worth seeing if the drivers could be updated to wait for a short period before sending the updated temperature, absorbing multiple changes before sending the final value?

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For my Ecobee home thermostat I would never use this. It is all controlled by schedules and rules. I very seldom change it manually. I have 4 virtual thermostats, however, that I use for controlling heaters in my bathrooms, a AC unit and Heater in my Shop's office, and a controller for the Gable exhaust fan in my Attic. Those I sometimes will change several degrees. Either scrollable or entering the value would be fine

This is what I do for my virtual thermostats, The rules wait until there has been no change for 5 seconds or so before it sends the value.

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"groan"..... something to introduce into my drivers... which I have wanted to include for some time now..

That's how it works in Joe's HD+ dashboard. He added that in some time ago.

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Not for my thermostat. But, for my Grill, I use hub variables on my Dashboard and have a rule to update the settings on change of the variable. For those worried about messed up inputs, you could disallow values as part of the rule or set the limitations on the variable itself (i.e. Make it only allow integers or limit the high and low values with if/then conditionals). This method also allows the use of delays to prevent too many changes or correct typos.

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