Hunter Bay Model 99432 Ceiling Fan Remote

I need clarification from anyone that has successfully paired a 99432 Ceiling Fan remote to HE. I was on the impression that this unit would pair directly to my HE hub with the WINK controller. I am trying to include it using ZigBee (my first Zigbee device) and I have moved the hup into the same room without success. Can anyone give me an idea if I am just trying something in vain or is there some special trick?

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I would highly recommend that this not be your first device as these are notoriously hard to pair and keep paired without a strong mesh. For example, i have one that is one floor and a total of 10 feet away from the hub but without a repeater that is 15 feet away from the hub (other side of the device) it won't stay linked to my hub. Have you got the white antenna outside of the fan cowl? This will help a lot but the antenna was too short for me to do that. If you are still going to try and pair, do the reset procedure in the manual (via a switch or the circuit breaker) and do a factory reset. Sometimes they do not come reset but still paired to the test bench when they were manufactured.

I am just installing it now so the antenna is open to the hub. So I will try the factory reset using the breaker (great tip) and may have to plan some more ZigBee devices and a repeater... I am correct that you do not need the Wink Hub it should just pair with HE. Correct?

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That's correct. There's even a native driver so you have to do nothing but pair it.

Thank you very much for the assistance. After the rest with the breaker, it is now paired and working. We will see if it stays paired once I move the hub back to its normal spot in the basement.

Good luck! FYI, the basement may not be the best place for your hub. Basements are usually pretty well insulated and sealed up. Your hub should really be as central within your house as you can get. That way you'll have the best reception from all corners of your home.

If you don’t have a zigbee repeater in the same room as your fan controller, I highly recommend you install one. I assure you, everyone else who owns these things will say the same thing (@Ryan780 already did).


Thanks for you insight...

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Exactly this! :point_up:

This isn't even really an option. A decent Zigbee repeater (or two) in the same room is a must for these Fan Controllers.

2 Likes absolute necessity with these fan controllers. A repeater should be sold as a mandatory accessory with these. If you read through the Hubitat and ST forum you will see an endless number of posts where a repeater resolved the issue.

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Yup, I have a zigbee repeater, in the form of a ST outlet, in every room where I have a Hampton Bay fan.

@bobbyD it might help someone looking into these Hampton Bay units if the 99432 model number were added to the Supported Device Wiki

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