Humidity sensor


i'm looking for a humidity sensor with a very frequent report rate that i can use for my bathroom fan, i'm using a sonoff sensor at the moment but it's a bit random at when it reports if at all.

Ideally i need something with a 5min report


Aeotec multisensor 6 has (especially with the C. Steele community driver) lots of configuration options... I use one in the bathroom to cover both motion and humidity.

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I use the Konke zigbee ones for all my bathroom vent fan automation. They report on 1% humidity change, and 30m fixed interval (whichever comes 1st).

Below snip is from when someone was taking a shower, reported about every minute.


I have used the Aeotec Multisensor 6 and if it is plugged in with USB power it sends updates very quickly as status changes. I use this as my main humidity sensor to turn on humidifiers during the winter months when the humidity plumits where I am at.

I also have a Aeotec Aerq sensor and though it isn't nearly as fast to report, it can be used under certain circumstances. It reports at most every 15 min and is only battery powered. I placed MS6 next to it for a period of time and the numbers were pretty much spot on except for the slower changes. I am pondering using this to activate and deactivate the fan in or bathroom. The nicest thing about it is that it is super small.

I also would suggest you look at the homemade sensors from @iharyadi as they are very fast to give updates of status changes. The thread for them is here They also perform the task of a Zigbee repeater and depending on which one you get can even have custom sensors added to them.

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Thanks everyone, I was going to go with the Aeotec 6 sensor but having looked at there there I see they do just a humidity and temperature sensor called aërQ which I'm going to try as the 6 sensor just seemed a waste as all I wanted was humidity, just got to wait for it to arrive now.


I use 5 of these you can adjust the driver for the reporting to be every 0.5% degree Celsius change - 10% degree Celsius change OR from every 5 minutes - every hour reporting.

Iris Motion Sensor IL07 3rd Generation Works with SmartThings & Zigbee | eBay

For humidity? I don't think they have a humidity sensor.

Yes version 3's have humidity also....V2's only have motion and temp


Cool! I was a heavy Iris user and had no idea.

So I just got 4 of these... Did you have any issues with reporting frequency? It seems like half of them don't report very often even while testing with the shower going. (I have them set for report on every degree change).

I did get them used though...

Nope... I left mine on the default 5 min. But I just dropped one down to 1. Will advise.

I haven't noticed any reporting issues, in fact their reporting is a crucial part of my hvac operation. I have 3 of them set to every 5 minutes and the 2 that are in the bathrooms to every 0.5 % degree Celsius change.

Sorry, I meant for humidity.

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