Humidity sensor with frequent value reporting?

Hi Guys,

I use the Aeotec temperature and humidity sensor and I am fairly pleased with that. Easy to connect and works well. It sends updates every 15 minutes and up untill now that has been suficient. But now I need a sensor with more frequent updates of the values. Hva you installed a temperature and humidity sensor that has a more frequent reporting interval than 15 minutes?


The Inovelli 4in1 motion sensors have a configurable Humidity reporting frequency from 1 to 2678400 seconds (~31 days)....

The Zooz ZSE44 is my go-to temp/humid sensor... Very configurable using @jtp10181's excellent driver, and expected performance has never disappointed. No complaints about battery life - it's good.

To be fair, my reporting thresholds are all based on value changes (not time), but I'd expect the time-based reports work equally well.

Are you sure the Aeotec sensor doesn’t send more frequent updates when the humidity changes by a certain threshold value?

I don’t use it, so the answer could very well be, “not it doesn’t.”

Just pointing that out since many temp and humidity sensors do.

Yes, at least not according to the log files, unfortunately. It seems like once every 15min is the fastet update times it is capable of. It can take longer times if there are no changes, but not more frequent than 15min.

Bummer, I wouldn’t want to use a sensor with that much of a delay in reporting either. Where are you located? That’ll impact which devices you can readily purchase.

Is the Aeotec hooked up to USB power or running off battery? I have all mine running on USB power from POE cat5e runs throughout the house when I remodeled and they’re fast to report. I believe they are limited to 15min when on battery to conserve battery life.


It was worth a go. Sweden, so EU thingies.

Ah, thanks @inetjnky , I didn't know that. This is in a bathroom so cords are a bit tricky as the room is tiled. I'll se what I can do. Thanks again.