Humidity sensor recomendation

I recently bought an aeotec sensor that works well, but cannot be set to update more frequently than every 15 minutes. I would like it to turn on a bathroom fan when the shower is running before the mirror fogs up and 15 minutes has not been frequently enough for me.

Anyone know if any of the supported humidity sensors can report more frequently?

If you specifically want zwave, I don't have any recommendations.

If you are open to zigbee, then I use two different ones:

  • NYCE Ceiling Motion/Temp/Humidity.
    • Good, but expensive. Out of stock most places right now, too.
  • Konke Temp/Humidity.
    • They are a little weird in that they can only use zigbee channels 15, 20, 25. But aside from that they are GREAT. With the user driver that's available they report either 30min or 5% delta.

In US (EDIT: I noticed that newegg link ships from China too... So no big benefit there):

Or you can get them for ~1/2 the cost on Banggood or aliexpress.

I have several of the Zooz motion sensors, which also report humidity and temperature. I would have to double check when I get home, but I'm pretty sure I can set a threshold and it will report back every time it changes by that much.

I have tried several Z-Wave temperature/humidity sensors. If accuracy is important, such as in a wine cellar, the best that I have found is the PAT02-B. It's made by Philio but sold under several different brand names--Philio, Zipato, and Safe Grow are ones that I know of.

I have 3 of them, purchased at different times from different vendors. In a controlled environment all 3 register within 2%RH of each other. Temperature within 0.2°F. That's pretty good in my book. Your mileage may vary of course.

They are a bit difficult to find sometimes. Amazon sometimes has them, but they've been on backorder there for a while. You see some on eBay from time to time as well, but you have to confirm that the frequency is appropriate to your country.

I use these Tuya that I bought from eBay and/or AliExpress, I use the Konke driver above but I did send one of these to Mike to get a native driver for them. They are really nice at reporting often for temp and humidity, they will report more when there are fast changes but calm down when everything is stable. They use CR2032 and seem to last about 3-4 months with the original battery, changed one already and will see how they last with premium batteries.

They are very small and easy to hide, I actually used some poster gum to stick one to the ceiling in the bathroom and it's holding well after 3 months.

I also use one inside a duct coming from the back of my wood stove, when the temp in the duct get's to 32 degC, a small fan in the duct starts and sends all the nice heat from the stove to another part of the house if it's needed.

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second nyce fast and accurate. or an eccowitt weather station

I was also trying out some of the humidity sensors that I have for use in a bathroom humidity situation.

Placement of the sensor is key: I hid the sensor in the grate of the fan. In other words, you can't really see it, until you look at the bathroom fan.

The actual sensor that I found that reports humidity changes the fastest, is the Centralite (Samsung?) 3310-G. Bonus: It uses a CR2 battery which will probably last for 2-4 years.
A sample of it's reporting: