Humidity sensor read times

I have a Sonoff humidity sensor in my bathroom to turn the fan on and off. However, it only seems to update every 5-10 minutes. Is there a way to have Hubitat or the sensor update it's humidity reading more often?

EDIT: It seems to be logging more frequently on changes in humidity. There still seems to be a lag though.

Same problem here. Paired after a second attempt. Seems to be working now, but temperature updated every 5 minutes. Using the built-in driver.

5 minute lag is not going to work for me because I need to use it with the Thermostat Controller App to control room heating/cooling. Unless Thermostat Controller can somehow force it to updater faster, which I doubt very much - it will likely just read the current sensor state in the hub.

EDIT: to be clear, I tested it by putting it in the fridge, where it cooled down rapidly. It still took 5 minutes to update, so problem confirmed.