Humidity sensor in house foundation

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In my house, or rather under my house, I have an open foundation space big enough to crawl around in. In this space there needs to be a certain ventilation and air exchange otherwise there is a risk of mould starting to grow. I had an inspector over today who inspected the foundation space under the house and while he did not find any mould, he recommended me to install a sensor that I could have down in the foundation space. That brings the spec of that sensor to about the following:

  • Humidity sensor with a strong transmitting /recieving power
  • that can live a life outside in temperatures from -25 to +35 degrees Celcius
  • that is compatible with Hubitat.

Any thoughts? Perhaps especially how to get the connection to the sensor under the building?

EDIT: Zigbee or Z-Wave, would there be any difference in connectivivty using either tech under the house?

I have two Zoozs sensors, ZSE11 and a ZSE40 and a Aoetec multisensor6 in my crawlspace. They are Z-wave and my C8 has no issues with them. I have one on each end and one in the middle. The Aeotec I have plugged in, so no battery to change, and I mean to do the same with the Zooz sensors, they have that option as well. Just haven't done it yet. I added power to my crawlspace for a dehumidifier and exhaust fan a couple years ago. I was having a lot of humidity issues under my crawlspace. The webcore graph below shows humidity temp and when the dehumidifier is coming on.


I have four of these (2 refrigerators and 2 freezers)

They are Zigbee.
The freezers are set to about -5F and the refrigerators are set to 34F. The humidity is normally high.

The display can be toggled from F to C.

Coupled with the driver from @kkossev, it works well.

If you don’t have a nearby repeater, I recommend this

Tuya makes a variety of temperature and humidity sensors. Apparently this model with 2 AA batteries performs better than others. I have had consistent accurate reporting from these sensors for months.

Specs state the working temperature range is -10C to 55C and the working humidity range is 10% - 90%

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Thanks for the link to the temp humidity sensor. Because of the display, I just ordered one for my workout area in the basement.

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I have the same crawl space requirement, except that I'm looking for a plug-in temp/humidity sensor. I don't want to be changing batteries, even if it only happens every couple of years. My preference is z-wave. The crawl space is closed/conditioned so there aren't any environmental extremes that need to be considered.

I know the ZSE11 and Aeotec 6 and 7 can be powered via USB cable and 5V adapter, but I would rather have something that either plugs in to a typical receptacle or fits inside a receptacle.

I thought I read that there are some devices (plugs?) that have temp/humidity capabilities in addition to their primary purpose, but haven't found anything yet.

Thanks @terminal3 !

Thanks @TomG !