Hue V1 bridge

I got a Hue V1 bridge and have it working now with Hubitat. Is there a way to get it to work with alexa voice commands going through hubitat, or is the voice permanently disabled and no way to get it back since they dropped cloud integration?

You can use Hubitat's Alexa integration instead of the Hue Bridge's native Alexa integration, which as you note was recently discontinued for the v1 Bridge. To do this, all you need to do is add your lights or groups to Hubitat, which it sounds like you already have. Then you need to connect Hubitat to Alexa. If you haven't done this already, here is how to do that:

If you've already done that, then you just need to select the Hue Devices to be included in the Alexa integration. This is described in step 3 of the above document, as well.

Due to the fact that Hue has a native integration and many Hubitat users use that instead and don't want "double devices" in Alexa from both Hue and Hubitat, Hubitat will by default suppress the addition of Hue devices to the Alexa skill. Uncheck the "Exclude Hubitat-integrated Hue devices" option to address this (otherwise, if you're using Hubitat's native Hue Bridge integration, they will be skipped, even if you select them). This is also explained in step 3 in the above document.

Hope this helps!


Thanks I had done all of that. And I can select them from hubitat, but unlike all of my other devices I have added to alexa through hubitat, they still do not show up. if I log on to hue the hubitat shows up there in my local field.

Never mind I didn't read it close enough. I was excluding them, not including them. thanks for the help!

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