Hue Syncbox change Entertainment Areas

I have a Hue Bridge and sync box. It’s working great, but there are times when I want some of the lights to sync and other times when I want all the lights to sync. I can do this by switching Entertainment Areas in the Hue app, I was wounding if anyone has found a work around?

@bertabcd1234 Can this be done in cocohue?

I don't think so; I don't have native support for the Sync Box (assuming this is the API it would need), and I don't know if the previous community code still works.

I just checked the hue sync box integration and it has nothing like that either. What if you put a smart switch or plug on the hue lights that you didn't always want to sync? You could cut power to them outside the Hue environment. Of course that would require that the lights be on a separate circuit and it does sound a bit brute force but it would probably work.

Those lights are on a different circuits and have smart switches already attached to them. However, They are also our living room lights and we want them be white most of the time. I can do it through the Hue app, but it would be cool to control that via Hubitat dashboard.