Hue summer sale on

Just an FYI, Hue has a summer sale happening.


Also newsworthy: they released or at least announced/confirmed the rumored higher-lux bulbs and a few new products, including the 1600-lumen ("100W" equivalent) White and Color Ambiance and an 11000-lumen ("75W") model that appears to be the same price as the old/previously-only color bulb (800-lm), whose individual pricing I no longer see on their site, nor do I see the 1600-lm pricing. Mysteriously, the old 800-lm bulb also lists itself as "new," as does the 1600-lm one but not the 1100-lm one that I believe actually is new. Many are also either out of stock or not available.

But...the three-pack of the "old" 800-lm bulb for $100 USD is a pretty good deal. :smiley: (And it's in stock!) Wouldn't be terrible if $33 each ended up being the regular price for these bulbs now that the others are out, but that's probably dreaming! Looks like there are some good prices on other items there, too.

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