Hue SML002 Need help

Attempting to replace the batteries on a HUE outdoor SML002. Removed the mounting screw and the four screws holding the cover plate, put a flathead screw driver in the back plate slot, but no matter how hard I twist, push, etc, the cover will not release.

Any suggestions appreciated.

PS. Called Hue support: they kept giving me instructions for opening the SML004 (also have one of these) which has one screw in the middle of the cover plate and a slot on top of the cover plate.

I used a small thin (eyeglasses) flat-blade screwdriver to carefully edge around & slowly peel off the back plate. I sometimes had to leverage the screwdriver in the screwholes to get it going. It is a really terrible design - very unlike Hue.

Each time I did it, the plate, seal, and screwholes got more & more dinged up, so I finally just replaced my 002 with an 004. I just use one of those sensors, so I tossed the 002 in my parts box as an emergency backup (but I doubt I'll ever use it - that back plate is absolutely maddening).

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Thank you for the suggestion. I don't have a jewelers screw driver, but a small thin wood chisel wedged between the cover and the backplate near the mounting screw, followed by strong push got it open without any damage (YMMV).

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If I ever need to replace batteries (or if I chose to buy more), I wonder if adding a thin layer of Magic Lube II (pure silicone) would help to prevent future stiction?

I understand if anyone is hesitant to enter that in their internet search (kind of like Big ■■■ Fans).


Perhaps. I was really surprised after reinstalling the backplate that it was stuck on as tight as it was prior to removing it. It's an extremely tight fit and reinstalling the 4 screws was a huge PITA.

For your safety, only enter that search while wearing rubber gloves.

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