Hue Recessed Lights Reliability

I have used Hubitat since the beginning in my previous house with 100+ various devices/lights. I am currently building a new house. Interested in feedback about most reliable recessed lights. There will be 60 recessed lights with 20 of them on a very high ceiling that I don't want to mess with, so I want the most reliable I can find. In my previous house I had mainly Sylvania/Osram and they did ok but a few had to be reset or died. I had a Hue Bridge (v1) integrated with Hubitat and it seemed the Hue bulbs were more reliable than other brands I used throughout the house and the colors a bit warmer. Because there will be 60 I would prefer not to spend $60 a pop, but thinking those will be most trouble free. Appreciate you feedback...

I use 38 of the recessed Hue 4" scattered around one of my houses for low light accent lighting. The only other Zigbee repeaters are all hue outdoor lighting I don't use the A19 bulbs. I'm shocked at how fast and reliable they have been in a pretty big house I wouldn't have thought my zigbee network would be so strong considering the distance between the lighting. I installed one of the xbee zigbee modules pretty central in the house maybe that is helping haven't looked at the zigbee tool in a while for it. I don't use the hue bridge hub thing. Only other lighting is Vantage and control4 wired panels.

Thanks that's what I was looking for!

Personally I prefer switches not individual bulbs, that becomes a hassle. I only reccomend bulbs for table lamps and what not (again thatโ€™s just me)

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