Hue Power Loss Memory - Finally


It's not a bridge update. I had to update my App to see it.


iOS? I have it here.


I tried updating the hue app but it’s saying there is no update.
Ios - ipad.


I can’t update it on my iPad either, but I could on my phone. Maybe they’re doing a staged rollout. They are different apps overall.


I have not successfully gotten power cuts to keep the bulbs off. Even if they were in the off state and I cut power, they came back on.

Their twitter account seems to confirm with people off state should work.... but that's not what their video shows. Unless there's more updates that are rolling out slowly for this feature to work?


Alright, I take that back, I did get it to work. The issue is your power outage has to last longer than 10 seconds. And it only works once. So it probably won't help my random power blips overnight (luckily rare).


Thanks for testing. Didn't get a chance to do it myself.
Unfortunately I get quite a few blips so I guess my custom solution will stay in place. I think I can at least remove the part of it that resets my color temperatures so it's a step in the right direction.


I'm not sure you want to remove it yet. I didn't test thoroughly, but if I get a blip, the color setting remains. But since the blip is short, lights come on (as expected now, didn't last 10 seconds). But say it happens again... lights come on, but now they come on at the factory default.


Well that's weird. Why would it start across the pond?


Most 'features' are released in the USA before anywhere else.
Not sure why but it's the same with most companies.


Didn't expect it from a Dutch company. They always release the hardware in Europe first. Must be different devisions? Software devision is US based maybe?


I didn't get a chance yet today to check the iphone app.. but the ipad app doesn't have it for me.


Received a bulb firmware update early this morning. All my Hue bulbs now work with the new Power Loss Memory feature¡


Looks like we are getting more options soon. I like what is doing...should have done this stuff years ago, but better late than never.