Hue Power Loss Memory - Finally


Wow...I never thought this would happen. Let's hope it works the way we need....and I can get rid of my custom automation that does this.


I see this message too but I can't find the "Power-on behavior" settings? Do you see it?


It's under Settings (in Android)..but you have to update your bulbs to enable it.


This seems unfortunately limited. It's only Phillips default or last color state. You can't pick a default scene, for instance. I guess the question is does this potentially open up anything for Hubitat to do?


Agreed, but I'm just happy that my lights won't turn on in the middle of the night when we have a power flicker. I created an automation that would turn the lights off but it would still turn on for a second or 2. Not great for the WAF.

Edit: I might have to do more testing. Initially I thought this would leave the lights off if they were off when power goes out. I just tested again and it appears to still turn the lights on (just maintains the settings). Will have to test more when I get back tonight.


Yeah, I thought that too, but reading it further, it's just more previous color/brightness state. Hence me wishing they had scenes where I could at least do 1% super warm for the bedroom bulbs, heh.


Not understanding this. Bathroom and Bedroom lights are Hue and it says unsupported. Hall light is Cree. Fine if that doesn’t work, but what’s the story with the lights that should be supported?

Same bulbs in the closet as are in the bathroom and bedroom, yet they seem to be supported just fine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wish they'd support receiving pre-stage color.


They probably haven't been updated to the new f/w yet.


Yes, iConnect Hue gave me that message. I then looked at the firmware version in the Hue app and it shows they’re older but doesn’t offer me a firmware update for them. These are the older style Hue white bulbs made in Holland, versus the newer style with a bigger globe made in Mexico. Hoping they don’t permanently shut me out of this feature.


@SmartHomePrimer @linh see the article below. It looks like the power off memory should work and also that there is hope that older bulbs will be updated to support this over time.


I have a mixture of Hue bulbs from the first through current (third or fourth/3.1, depending on who you ask) generation. Only my newer bulbs got the firmware update, 1.46.13_r26312. My older bulbs (LCT001 and LCT007, first- and second-gen color bulbs) are stuck on 5.x firmware (, which is apparently versioned separately from the newer firmware but also is much less frequently updated. One of the touted second-gen features (otherwise a marginal improvement of a bulb) was the ability to use "more features" in the future, presumably via firmware updates like this. Apparently, they waited until the third gen to really mean this. :slight_smile: Those are the oldest bulbs I have that actually got this update.

That being said, I've become so used to their existing behavior that I probably won't use this feature. Only being able to do it on half my bulbs, sometimes mixed in a room, is another reason not to, besides preferring to just keep them on all the time in the first place and use "smart"-compatible methods (Hue Dimmer, Hue Tap, motion sensors or Pico remotes on Hubitat) to turn them on. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll come to the older firmware versions too, but I wouldn't hold your metaphorical breath.


Me too
I hope this applies to the UK as well.
I'll check later.



Yup :+1: But only if they are Hue bulbs, my INNR and Osram will continue :cry:


Only if they’re the latest Hue bulbs in fact.

My bridge just updated the older bulbs a couple of days ago and didn’t give me the firmware I need for this. It kind of seems like not everyone at Phillips was prepared for this rollout


Don't despair sir. Updates are coming...eventually.


The HueDynamics app and software I used for Halloween, has had a similar option for a long while.
That said, I've not had any power cut for a long while so unable to verify it did actually work.



Does that app support non-Hue lights?


Yeah thats the one thing I'm really not sure of lol. Only time will tell :wink:


No update for UK users yet?