Hue Outdoor Motion stopped sending

Hi, I have 3 outdoor Hue Motion Sensors over the last couple of days 2 have stopped sending anything (motion/Temp?Lux), has anyone else experienced anything like this?


A few things I can think of...

  • Have you checked the battery? (I'd test if if you have a multimeter, though the reading from the device or changing the battery to see if it helps might be all you can do if not)
  • Would you reasonably expect your Hubitat Zigbee network range to reach this location? (Sometimes a concern with outdoor sensors.) In other words, consider the number and placement of your Zigbee repeaters.
  • If you create motion near the sensor, do you see its LED change color? I can't find official documentation on what it is supposed to do (except I think nothing during normal operation), but if you see it flash red, staff have reported that this means it can't communicate with the hub.

You could try re-pairing it (don't delete it from Hubitat, but reset the device--I think by holding the Setup button for a second, though check the manual if you have it--and put Hubitat in pairing mode, where it should re-discover the device). However, if it's one of the above problems and this does still work, this is unlikely to be more than a temporary solution.

Hi thanks for the reply, all 3 sensors are no more than 4 months old, the first one to drop off has been up for a week. the 2 that have dropped off are no more than 3m's away from the hub, the one that is furthest away (about 10m) is still working.

I will try checking the motion tomorrow, it chucking it down with rain at the moment (the Great British Summer).

I will also try re-pairing them as well.

I'll let you know how I get on.


I'd still test or swap the batteries. I've received brand new devices with defective batteries. Sometimes the plastic piece they install to keep the battery from touching the contacts moves in shipping. I have even seen it where the plastic is still in, place but the battery was DOA.

As @bertabcd1234 says a multimeter is the best way to truly tell how much juice they have. Second best swap the working units battery with a non working unit and see how they react.

I use an indoor Hue Motion sensor used exclusively for LUX. On occasion it just stops reporting, leaving my house without it's evening lighting. Device purchased new 2 months ago, batteries 100%.

My workaround: Set up a simple RM to Refresh the device every 5 minutes. Not elegant, but it works.

Hi everyone just to let you all know I re-paired the sensors today and both rejoined ok. I will keep an eye on them and if they go again I'll try and connect then to my Hue Bridge to check if there is a firmware update.

Thanks again for all your advice.