Hue Outdoor Motion Sensors on sale today £18.97


Best price I have ever seen them, I have been using one for over a year, really rate it highly.

Looks like they sold out now :frowning:

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Just bought 2 at £34 each, still a tenner cheaper than they were last week.
Shame I didn't see your first post until now :cry:

I got 4 at £18.87.

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Hue sensors are the best that I have used. They are reliable, and responsive. And they are not huge battery consumers like the Z-Wave units. Hope you got several!

I am currently using 21, 5 outdoor and 16 indoor ones.

Two are in freezers and one in a fridge.

I can track the temperatures and track if the door is open

And they’re functioning okay? That’s pretty impressive….

I have two in freezers operating at -19c and the other at -21c also a fridge at 4c.

All have been operating inside the stainless steel freezers and fridges for a couple of months and are reliably reporting temp.

They’re at it again. 18.95

Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor, Compatible with Alexa

@Royski good catch.

I got some more, replacing the standard hue motion sensors in fridge and freezers with the outdoor ones, frees up the indoor ones for extremely reliable temp sensors for central heating zones.

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Damn, missed it again! Haha

The outdoor sensors don't have temperature sensors in them though right? Seems a shame as otherwise super useful. What is the battery life like on them and have you tried pairing direct v.s pairing through a Hue bridge?

The outdoor have temp, luminance and motion sensors.

Get over 2 year of battery out of them. They use 2xAA rather than the indoor version which uses 2xAAA. The indoor ones work for about two years and fire off temp readings like clockwork.

As they are not linked to lights I have paired them directly with HE and they appear to be working great so far, no surprises.

I currently have 8 external Hue Motion Sensors and over 20 indoor ones.

They are used to control lighting in 90% of the house.

All the external ones are directly controlled by HE including the two in freezers (tracking temperature and an alarm if they go outside parameters) also tracking door openings will get around to a door left open alarm, one in the fridge doing the same job.

I also have an internal one on the Hot Water system reporting and controlling it.

The rest are are in in rooms and directly control the 90+ Hue lights bulbs/ strings etc etc


Savage. Only just seen this.

Since Christmas I have been doing extensive testing on Temp sensors - primarily to support the 8 Heating Zones in the house, that I expect to increase to 12 shortly.

To do this I need to introduce some redundancy and resilience.

There is another whole element on Hub redundancy that I won't get into here.

Three varieties of Temp Sensors

Zigbee direct into HE
Hue Motion Sensors via Hue Hubs then into HE

To maintain resilience I use two HE Hubs one for ZWAVE (Heating) and the other for Zigbee (Master) and use a built in App Thermostat Controller that allows multiple temp sensors per zone.

Each zone has to have at least 2 Temp Sensors each one using a different controller, so a zwave with a hue or direct zigbee.

The ZWAVE ones are Secure SRT321 Thermostats, the Hue ones are indoor Motion Sensors coming in through HE using the CocoHue App so I can get to the Temp and Luminance Sensors, for the zigbee direct Temp Sensors I tested 10 Sonoff ZB Temp sensors and 2 Tuya ZigBee Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor.

Two things I am looking for - consistent reporting - 5/10/15 minutes (on change is OK) and battery use.

The Zwave SRT321 are incredibly accurate and are sending data every 5 minutes but hammers the 2 x AAA batteries. Largely resolved by using USB to AAA battery eliminators - they now run off mains - usb power plugs that I have in abundance.

The Sonoffs frequently drop offline for 12 hours at a time and are largely unreliable, also pretty heavy battery usage not helped by the coin battery they use.

The Tuya ZigBee Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor work great, they were advertised as being USB and battery powered, not the case but the two sensors I have tested have been going great no issues at all.

By far the best Temp sensor for reliability, consistency, battery usage (2 years) are the Hue Motion Sensors, the HUE Hub is solid in several years of use I cannot recall a time when it was not working at 100%.

The Hue Motion sensors (£27) are cheaper than the SRT321 (but they are Thermostats as well) three times more expensive than the Sonoffs, but more reliable run for two years on 2 AAA batteries. The Tuya were about £10 each.

My 5c on my testing for the last 10 weeks.


I saw description said "integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor", does motion detection only work when it's dark?

Motion luminance and temperature are available 24/7

I use Cocohue app for all the hue devices with certain exceptions

Ie when the motion sensor is not being used for light control, and areas where I need very specific controls.

Ie out door motion or fridges and freezers, also bedrooms

Worthy of note guys.

If like me you just added the External Hue Motion Sensors to HE you may experience a connectivity issue later.

You need to add them to a Hue hub first to get the firmware updated first.

I was having some issues and just added them to Hue and they were immediately updated.

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I stand corrected, they are doing another update now.

Taken about 30 mins so far, the first one is done waiting for the others now