Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor not reporting motion events

At 6:41pm, my Aggregate Motion Zone went active. It is now 9:14pm and it is still active. It's active timer is set for 10 minutes.
Digging into the issue, I have two Hue Outdoor Motion Sensors, Driveway Motion Sensor, and Porch Motion Sensor. My driveway motion sensor appears to be in motion state but there has not been any motion since 6:57pm, although there have been temp and lux changes.
Porch motion sensor reports inactive, as it should. The Driveway Motion Retrigger is set to 10 seconds, so it should have cleared, and return to inactive.

To try and reset, I walked in front of it, and I can see it turn red, so I know it detected motion. In the device logs, I do not see any log entries for motion, but I do see log entries for temp and lux. Normally I would expect this to be a signal strength issue, except for the fact temp and lux reporting is working. The last time this worked was last night, prior to the latest firmware update -- current version

Is it constantly reporting motion? Or not reporting anything at all? Can you bring it closer to the hub and see if it reports correctly? Maybe swap them? It sounds like a communication issue between the sensor and the hub.

That actually means it can't communicate with the hub, or more accurately it isn't receiving a response from the hub for events that it is sending.
It does not flash normally with motion unless it can't get a response from the hub.

Thanks for the reply @mike.maxwell
That is odd. My porch outdoor motion sensor flashes red, but it reports motion, and my lights react almost immediately, and the driveway unit has always flashed red and worked too. okay, I cannot move it, so I will put in a zigbee outlet so I can get a repeater mid-way between the hub and the motion sensor. Since I implemented Hue, I lost half my Zigbee devices, as I moved all my white Zigbee lights over to Hue, reducing my network coverage. This will take a few days, while I wait for the shipment. I will report back if the repeater clears this up.

That was my thought too, except that lux and temp are reporting without issue. Maybe there is an interference issue. Either way, I am going to purchase a zigbee outlet that I can install mid-way between the sensor and hub to try and improve the mesh coverage. thanks.

Did the zigbee repeater fix your issue? Sorry to bring up this old post, I paired my Hue Outdoor motion sensor yesterday and now it has the exact same symptoms as you described. State is always active and it flashes red when I pass in front of it. My device is also a little bit distant to the hub

Yes it did. Because my hue motion sensors are paired to HE, not Hue, the signal was not strong enough. I installed a Sylvania + Zigbee indoor Smart Plug, plugged it inside my garage and paired it to HE. Then within seconds the motion sensors outside my garage started working flawlessly. I put my lights on Hue, and some Zigbee dimmer button controllers on hue, but everything else I put on HE so I can use their state events in rules. They work so well, I replaced my SmartThings motion sensors with the Hue indoor sensors, and they are flawless now too.

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The red flash is an indication that the sensor isn't able to get a response from the hub, ie it's too far away...

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Thank you for your answers.
A zigbee repeater between the hub and the sensor solved the issue, now it doesn't flash red and it reports correctly

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