Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Lux Level Motion Trigger

I just picked up a couple of these motion sensors and noticed that it looks like it doesn't have a setting to disable motion triggers when lux is above a certain amount? Maybe I'm missing something.

@byarnell05 You would do that in a rule..

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Or Motion Lighting

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@byarnell05 To @rlithgow1's and @Ken_Fraleigh's comments you can do that in a rule or the room lighting app.

I have a bunch of these around the perimeter of the house. Sometimes they are advertised as "dusk to dawn" sensors which is definitely a more accurate description. I have found their motion detection to be semi-useless in daylight, at least in my experience. Rather than using lux I just configure my rules (or in room lighting) to ignore them from sunrise to sunset.

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??? How do you come to that conclusion... I've used these for years and they report lux readings all day long.

I think he means the motion sensor side. Sometimes goes off even just by dust blowing around.


What @rlithgow1 said. It's just the motion that gives me trouble. I have tried other brands and they generally suffer from the same issues. In other ways these are great sensors and work really well. They also work fine if their target area is shaded, like a front porch. I modified my comment to clarify.

Ya I have my lighting that is triggered to only happen when lux is below a certain level but its also useful to have the sensor determine that when certain apps don't have that as a modifier. For instance, when setting Inovelli notifications using the LED mini dashboard app.

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