Hue Outdoor Motion sensor driver

Hi all,

Looking for a feature to be added to this driver if possible, I would like to change the polling frequency for the lux value.

Looking in the hubitat logs it looks like the lux value is refreshing every 10 minutes.

I came over from smart things where the custom device handler was polling every 5 minutes rather than every 10.

I was wondering if we could add a lux polling value next to the lux reporting which I currently have set to 1.

The main reason behind requesting this feature is I am using the Lux value for controlling lighting automations and fades.

I am looking for more granular control of when the lux value is polled (I know this will effect battery life) currently when it is 10 minutes the value can change quite significantly by over 500 lux as you can see in the initial screenshot which can leave things inside a little dull.

Just as an example:
I trigger a fade when Lux drops below 150, if on the 10 minute poll the value drops to 160 it means there is another 10 minutes before the lights will start to fade and in that 10 minutes it can get very dull inside, I feel shortening the poll time to 5 minutes would probably help but if it was configurable on the device screen then users could set what they require.

Shouldn't this report everytime the lux changes by 1 regardless of polling time?

Thats what I thought that setting would have done, it was set to 10 as default but still you could see in the device polling logs that it was polling every 10 minutes like in above screenshot from the device, so I changed it to 1 and it didnt make a difference.

Tonight I have changed it to 100 so will check it again tomorrow but suspect it is the way the driver is written to poll, on smartthings it was polling every 5 minutes but you did not have the lux setting, it just doesnt seem to work for me, not sure if others are using this sensor

The device reporting implementation is a bit interesting.
When motion is inactive the internal lux update interval is 5 minutes and can't be changed, meaning even if you request a lux reading every minute, the value will only change once every 5 minites.
While active it will respect both interval and value thresholds.

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Thanks Mike

Also after I changed the lux reporting value to 100 last night it looks like it is now reporting every 5 minutes.

where as yesterday you can see it was every 10 minutes.

I probably should have tried the 100 setting rather than the 1 setting which I had it on.